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Technically speaking, a clamshell is only a folded blister pack, but this versatile and effective packaging style has numerous applications and benefits. If you use RF welding or heat sealing, you can be sure that your clamshell is completely watertight and impossible to open.

On the other hand, customers may find it difficult to open clamshells due to the tight cover. But if tampering has been a major problem with your product and packaging, a clamshell may be the best choice. Don’t forget that, many clamshell packaging manufacturers can create clamshells that are both simple to open and airtight depending on your preferences.

But the question arises that how to find the best buyer who fits our requirements and offers transparent packaging clamshell which is both durable and affordable. Don’t worry internet is loaded with such sellers all you need is the best guide.

This article will land you the best clamshell box plastic supplier. Hopefully, After reading this article you will have a better understanding of clamshell suppliers and you will be able to make a good choice:

Factors to Consider While Buying Clamshell Packaging

There is a wide variety of clear plastic clamshell packaging choices available for your items. Plastic clamshell boxes, for example, are useful for items that require a backing card since it attaches the item to the card with unique protective material.

Now you know that clamshell plastic box packaging is a suitable choice for your business but do you know what factors to consider while buying wholesale clamshell packaging material? How do you decide which clamshell packaging services provider is best for you?

Here are a few prominent factors to consider while choosing a good buyer:

1. Your Order’s Size

It’s only logical that the price per unit would rise as quantity increases. The price per unit will go down significantly, however, if you place a large enough purchase with your provider. This price reduction will be most noticeable for orders of 1,000 to 100,000 units, and will gradually decrease for larger quantities.

It’s important to note that the size of the package-making tool is proportional to the size of the order. When making products in bulk, manufacturers may increase production by making use of bigger tool sizes. As a result of faster machine times and few material waste, the buyer may save money by having more components produced in each run.

2. Dimensions and Outline of the package:

When purchasing a product, empty clamshell packaging companies must take into account the part’s dimensions and level of complexity. It will require more time and more resources to manufacture a given amount if the clamshell is made bigger. More time is needed to manufacture packages with more intricate features or that are moulded from more expensive materials like exotic plastics, which drives up the unit cost and the retail price. Larger or less stackable components will also incur greater shipping charges.

Remember that Early target definition is essential to maximize package efficiency while maintaining a reasonable budget. Do you want to prevent theft, keep your goods in pristine condition, or put it on display in a store with a hanger and/or a rack? Having well-defined objectives throughout the design process will guarantee that your final product will be up to par without incurring any needless expenses

3. Custom Clamshell Packaging and Stock Tool:

There are advantages to both standard and bespoke clamshell tooling, but your package price will change depending on which you choose. Using stock tooling means using a tool that has already been developed and manufactured. This is a good choice for brand owners selling low-volume or low-price items since they do not have to spend as much time or money developing a bespoke tool, but they still get the benefit of having distinctive custom-made clamshell packaging for their product.

Sometimes, spending money on specialized equipment is the best option. Consider making the change if any of the following factors apply to your custom plastic clamshell packaging targets:

  • Implications for Retailers
  • Increase the chances that thieves will not steal from your business.
  • Improve product safety measures
  • Put yourself apart from the competitors.
  • Enhance the efficiency of the assembly process or the secondary sealing step
  • Don’t forget to properly dimension your package
  • Elevate the profile of your goods

Where to Buy Clamshell Packaging?

With tons of options available in the market, it is difficult to find where to buy reliable yet affordable clamshell packaging. But you need not worry we are here to help you with that. Here we have compiled a list of best sellers of clamshell packaging worldwide. Let’s have a look at it and then decide where to shop.

1. BestPackaging100:

The first clamshell packaging seller on our list is this amazing China-based manufacturing company named BestPackaging100. The name says it all i.e best packaging.

Here at BestPackaging100, staff pride themselves on being able to solve any issue their clients may have. From its headquarters in Shenzhen, China, BestPackaging100 provides its clients with innovative and customized packaging concepts and services.

Whether your product is large or tiny, fragile or tough, expensive or inexpensive, their dedicated staff can design a package that will not only protect it during shipping but also make a statement. To put it simply, BestPackaging100 manufactures the best quality and most reliable clamshell packaging.

They say that they take great pride in offering premium paperboard tubes constructed from thick, all-natural paperboard and coated with an oil-resistant wax paper created from plants. These honest services enable them to swiftly address your requirements from inception to completion. The staff guarantee to finish on time and within budget.

The team is flexible and willing to work around your schedule in order to provide you with the high-quality product you need as soon as possible or according to any other schedule you may have set up. In everything we do, we strive to exceed expectations.

The goal of this plastic clamshell packaging company is to improve productivity and service to customers by exploring and implementing novel ideas and methods. Working with individuals who are different from us in terms of origin, culture, and way of thinking allows us to learn from one another and develop as individuals and leaders.

2. Amazon:

The second one on our list is the greatest seller in the world and is second to none when it comes to the variety of products. Yes, we are talking about Amazon! In my point of view, anyone who is an online shopping freak must have shopped from this site at least once in their life.

When it comes to clamshell packaging products, amazon is full of it. There is a separate section for this packaging comparing dozens of clamshell packaging types. You name it and they have it. Amazon strives every day to exceed customer expectations and desires you to feel confident making purchases on its site, including those made through third-party merchants.

Buying from a third-party seller on Amazon is risk-free because of Amazon’s A-to-z Guarantee, which has been in effect since 2005. In addition to ensuring that your things arrive in good condition, this service also guarantees that they will arrive on schedule. If you aren’t satisfied with either and have tried to work things out with the seller, you may submit a request for a refund to Amazon instead.

As part of their efforts to provide ever-better service to the customers, the company have included a procedure for addressing claims of injury and property damage caused by a faulty product to our A-to-z Guarantee this year. To our knowledge, Amazon is the only retailer to provide such comprehensive protections to its consumers when they buy from third-party merchants.

3. Walmart:

Walmart started as a tiny discount shop in Rogers, Arkansas, but has now spread to hundreds of locations throughout the United States and across the world. They are innovating to provide a unified platform for in-store and online shopping so that consumers can buy whenever and wherever they choose.

 they’re making things happen and improving lives for people all around the world. It is estimated that Walmart has over 10,500 shops and clubs under 46 banners in 24 countries and marketplaces. They now have 2.3 million colleagues working globally, with almost 1.6 million located in the United States alone to provide top-quality clamshell packaging.

Walmart is not just among the biggest traditional shops, but also the most innovative and rapidly expanding online business. They are well-positioned to integrate the brick-and-mortar shops with the e-commerce company to provide an unprecedented degree of comfort to the 90% of the U.S. population that lives within 10 miles of their stores. the company is making it possible for people to purchase whenever and wherever they choose, with their needs met promptly.

As time goes on, Walmart buys up more and more niche online stores and digital enterprises. What is the result? A plethora of sites works together to provide shoppers with a fantastic experience from start to finish, in addition to an unrivalled variety of brands and product types.

4. Packaging For Less:

Packaging for we’ve been serving as a clamshell packaging company since 1921. This packaging company have been in business for over a century, so when you buy from them, you’re receiving more than just a fantastic product at a low price. This company has made its name with its clamshell box wholesale of the highest quality available at astonishingly low Costs

According to the “The success of your company is our priority, which is why we work hard every day to have a large selection of high-quality items in stock at affordable pricing”

After shopping for transparent packaging clamshell from Packaging for less you will say “What a Fantastic Shopping Experience it was!”

The company put forth the extra effort every day to make sure you have a fantastic time shopping wholesale clamshell packaging.   With over 26,000 available items, they always have a complete supply. Speaking of the shipping, they offer Shipping that gets there fast and doesn’t break the bank. It’s not just about placing an order and getting your stuff; the service continues beyond that. 

Our commitment to helping others is unwavering. By supporting community activities, collaborating with neighbours, and highlighting the successes of local companies, we are pleased to contribute to a brighter, more promising future.

Starting in a Los Angeles garage, this clear blister packaging firm has expanded via the mail order catalogue business model to become the leading provider of wholesale clamshell packaging materials in the United States. As a family business, they have been in the clear clamshell packaging, craft, and party supply business for well over a century, and now employ over two hundred and fifty individuals. Have a look at the amazing locations they’ve visited and the ones they’ll be going to by visiting their website.

5. VisiPak

Sinclair & Rush takes great pride in the fact that its VisiPak branch is a market pioneer in the creation and production of transparent plastic packaging. By way of illustration, the company pioneered the production of transparent plastic mailing tubes for use in direct mail and has since produced several additional novel packaging solutions, each with its own set of special characteristics and markets served.

Tubes, clamshells, and transparent plastic boxes are just some of the packaging options that the design team can come up with. Being the biggest U.S. extruder of clear plastic tubing, they can save you money while still offering superior packaging options. Three of the factories are located in St. Louis, Missouri, suburbs, which are well situated in the middle of the country.

 A total of 14 cutting-edge extruders are in use at the Fenton facility. One of the Arnold buildings has 10 thermoforming equipment, three milling machines, and a clean room; both buildings are part of their plastics moulding operations. The sales and design departments are headquartered in Arnold as well. In addition to traditional manufacturing methods, the Carlstadt, New Jersey plant also does extrusion and injection moulding.  Decoration and printing services are available at all stores.

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