What are kraft boxes?

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Due to their wide range of applications, Kraft Boxes have transformed the globe. They have made our lives easier by simplifying the packing of so many different goods. Despite the market’s wide selection of cardboard boxes today, for a variety of reasons, customers still choose Kraft-made boxes over cardboard.

First of all, since they are constructed of superior pine wood, they are both user- and eco-friendly. These boxes may be recycled on their whole. Second, they are substantial enough to securely keep the goods or things inside of them. Thirdly, the production of high-quality boxes depends heavily on pine pulp.

Kraft cartons offer excellent resisting qualities. Kraft paper is highly regarded by businesses and consumers today. Kraft is a unique sort of material that can withstand various pressures. These boxes also allow for the addition of corrugated layers, which increases their strength and sturdiness.

Custom Kraft boxes are also often used since they can be recycled, which makes them economical and environmentally good. They also have crucial biodegradable properties, which is another plus. They can withstand the majority of unfavorable environmental conditions, including heat, stress, and moisture/humidity. To put it another way, they are highly useful since they can easily preserve the contents included in the boxes and stop any harm.

  • Different Patterns

Kraft boxes may be molded and fabricated into a wide variety of sizes and forms. They’re used in a variety of industries and households because of their convenience in packing. Shapes like ovals, rectangles, and squares are simple to achieve with our bespoke Kraft Boxes. In addition, the size requirement is given great weight when it comes to packing various items and things.

1.Pillow kraft box

2. Rectangle kraft box

3.Square kraft box

4. Mailer kraft box

Bakery packaging, gift boxes, jewelry boxes, cosmetic boxes, perfume packaging, soapboxes, clothing boxes, counter display boxes, and so on are just some of the many uses for these boxes. As an added bonus, you may choose from a wide array of container types, including, but not limited to, flip-top containers, window boxes, sleeve boxes, and many more. Having a variety of cut-out shapes is important for attracting clients. These die-cut windows may also be used to hint at the product’s contents without requiring the recipient to actually open the package.

  • Size variety and its significance

The size of a bespoke box is always important. Simply said, not all goods can utilize the same standard size. However, the size and form of the boxes must be adjusted depending on the quantity and size of the items within. Typical examples are jewelry boxes measuring eight by two by 7/8 inches, six by four by four inches, nine and a half by five by five inches, stripped gable boxes, and 19 by twelve by three inches.

You may also get Kraft pillow boxes in two more sizes: 7 x 5 1/2 x 2 inches and 3 1/2 x 3. Additionally, a wide variety of single-item Kraft packaging is available. However, Kraft boxes are the best option for shipping hefty items since they are so sturdy and won’t crush or scuff the fragile goods inside. You may sum up by saying that there is a wide range of box sizes suitable for storing and transporting a wide range of things.

  • The Advantages of Customization

Customization refers to making the connection between a business and its clients more direct, productive, and rapid. A variety of advantages become available when you use these Kraft cartons. These boxes’ primary strength lies in their convenience for printing. You may add your own special touch to them by printing your own designs on them or embellishing them with stickers, stamps, ribbons, and so on.

Graphics possibilities on custom Kraft boxes allow for a variety of printing methods, including lithographic, digital, and even screen printing. You may print not just artwork but also crucial information about your business and its goods. If you put your company’s information on the boxes, they may double as promotional tools. Printing on bespoke boxes is a low-cost alternative to electronic and social media for reaching out to consumers directly.

  • Gift Wrapping Services Available

Don’t second-guess your gift-giving intentions or miss an opportunity to make a bold statement by passing up the chance to utilize Kraft boxes designed just for handouts. These boxes are perfect for every occasion, from weddings to birthdays. These personalized Kraft gift boxes may be tailored to suit the needs of any future celebration, party, or event.

So, you may have them appropriately decorated to fit whatever occasion you’re celebrating. Celebrations of religious or cultural significance, such as Christmas, Easter, New Year’s, birthdays, marriages, and bridal showers. They may also be used as favor containers for business events. Additionally, personalized Kraft boxes are the answer since they do not discriminate based on age or gender. Consequently, they are suitable as presents for people of any age.

Are kraft boxes eco-friendly?

Typically, be it virgin Kraft paper or recycled Kraft paper is used to making Kraft boxes. At least 80% of the wood pulp used to make Kraft paper is sulfate-based.

Sulfate wood pulp is manufactured by a procedure known as “kraft pulping,” and it produces a paper that is more robust and long-lasting than paper generated through mechanical or other chemical hardwood pulping procedures. The fact that Kraft paper is often not bleached adds to its strength since bleaching agents frequently weaken paper fibers and make them less resilient.

Kraft paper has a distinctive brown tint that comes from being unbleached. Boxes formed of paperboard that is stretched out to various thicknesses than sheet during manufacture are what set conventional Kraft paper from Kraft paper.

However, compared to other types of cardboard, Kraft paperboard is not nearly as thick.


Despite the fact that natural, plant-based resources are utilized as the primary raw materials for creating paper and paper goods like Kraft boxes, the production of paper goods is not the most environmentally friendly method.

Due to the chemicals employed and the byproducts of the production process, newspaper and paper industries have a variety of detrimental outcomes for the environment, along with the potential for soil, water, and air pollution.

A significant amount of energy is consumed in the mechanical processes involved in producing paper and Kraft boxes, most of which originates from fossil fuels, a non-renewable and unreliable source of energy.

Despite this, Kraft boxes might still be seen as more environmentally friendly than plastic packaging because of their composition and ease of disposal.

Additionally, since less treatment is required to convert recycled Kraft paper into Kraft boxes than it would be if they were created from virgin raw materials and no forests are required to be felled, recycled Kraft paper products are more environmentally beneficial.

Recyclable: Kraft boxes are made entirely of recyclable materials, much like conventional paper and cardboard boxes.

You should have no trouble reusing Kraft boxes as long as your community’s recycling industry or facility allows paper and cardboard items.

It’s crucial to remember that since Kraft boxes are sometimes used for food packing, any Kraft box that has grease or another food residue on it cannot be recycled.


The Kraft boxes themselves are quite sustainable due to the materials they are constructed of and the ease with which they can be disposed of, despite the fact that the technique used to make them isn’t the most environmentally friendly.

Trees may be planted again without running out since they are a renewable resource.

However, a large portion of the trees required to produce paper is grown in managed forests, despite the fact that is chopping down trees to extract the lumber needed to make wood pulp does contribute to some degradation.

Types of kraft paper

Upon hearing the term “kraft paper,” a mental image may immediately form. For some, the perfect sandwich accompaniment is a roll of sturdy brown paper. In the hands of others, it serves as packaging material or is put to use in the classroom.

But did you know that there are a wide variety of kraft papers to choose from? And they all come with their own special uses in the corporate world. Several varieties of kraft paper are discussed here, along with how they could serve your company best.

  1. Virgin Natural Kraft Paper

All other papers pale in comparison to the strength of virgin natural kraft paper. The combination of its low price and strong tear resistance in fiber form a great solution for industrial uses. In addition, it prints well, making it an excellent choice for promotional packaging as well as protective layers, wrapping, pallet convolution, carrier sheets, and dry goods.

  • Natural Recycled Kraft Paper

Recycled natural kraft paper is a more eco-friendly alternative to virgin natural kraft, and it may be used for a variety of purposes, including pallets, void fill, tray and box fillers, interleavers, and paper bottom covers. Weight training ranging from 30# to 70# is the norm for both virgin and repurposed kraft paper.

  • Black Kraft Paper

While most people associate black kraft paper with its most popular function—providing a dark, sturdy background for picture frames—this is far from its sole use. When light blocking or dark borders are desired in a décor project, black kraft paper is an excellent choice.

  • Colored Kraft Paper

You can get kraft paper in about every shade imaginable. Its vivid colors make it ideal for use in a wide variety of creative projects, as well as for use as whimsical backdrops for bulletin boards, everyday school supplies, journaling, and other similar endeavors. Colored kraft paper is a great option if your customer base consists of institutions like schools and daycares, as well as busy parents.

  • White or Bleached Kraft Paper

Although white or bleached kraft paper has the same strength and durability as virgin natural kraft, it is more effective when a more polished look is sought. White kraft paper, for instance, is a popular and inexpensive substitute for silk tablecloths across many eateries. It’s also useful for wrapping since it can withstand the typical abuse an item goes through in transit.

  • Printed Kraft Paper

Custom-printed kraft paper is used by a wide variety of businesses to make branded packaging, retail displays, and more. In order to advertise their business affordably and consistently, a deli may, for instance, acquire a supply of kraft paper sheets in the ideal size for wrapping sandwiches and have their logo and contact information printed on one side.

For example, the interior of a shoebox is often wrapped with printed kraft paper covers or sheets to protect the clothing during shipping.

How to print on kraft paper

Artists and craftspeople utilize brown kraft paper sheets for a wide variety of purposes. Brown kraft paper is sturdy and thick, so it can take a beating without falling apart. When printing on Kraft paper, you may get a vintage effect. Brown kraft paper is too thick to be printed on with ease using a standard inkjet or laser printer. Brown kraft paper, and other thick sheets, need a special printing process at the printer.

Step 1

Brown kraft paper may be bought by the roll or the sheet, or you can use paper shopping bags. Brown kraft paper should be trimmed into sheets that are 8.5 inches wide and 11 inches long. The thick glued portion in the bag’s center back should be removed before the bag is cut. The thickness prevents it from being printed.

Step 2

Start up the computer and go to the file you need to print. Edit and reprint as needed. Printing text on a page, you may wish to place the words in bold to make them stand out more. Keep in mind that the darker paper may cause certain colors to seem much darker than normal and will prevent others from showing up clearly.

Step 3

Put a single sheet of paper into the printer’s circumvent slot. Since every printer is unique, you need to consult the handbook for your specific model to see where the bypass tray is located. The paper is able to go in a more direct course through the printer thanks to the bypass tray, which prevents it from spooling about.

Because of this, it won’t be caught. You can only place one sheet of paper in the bypass tray at a time, or else it will remove both sheets at once. If you tug on both, the print will become stuck in the printer.

Step 4

Get the paper out of the standard paper feed so it can’t grab both sheets at once. In this case, the bypass feed is the only option. Thus, the printer will automatically reset to use it. Select the printer icon and give the command to print. Bypass paper is fed into the machine, and the picture is printed.

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