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For gamers, like us, keeping our video games in good condition is essential. We don’t want them to be damaged by carelessness or accident, especially if they are our favorites. Therefore, it is essential that we use video game box protectors

Video games represent a means to distract our mind

For people who like challenges and hate boredom, video games are a means to distract us. In fact, we use them to stimulate our minds. That’s right, isn’t it? That way we keep ourselves busy and distracted. 

In addition, they offer us the possibility of interacting with other people and making decisions. In some cases, those actions, for certain reasons, we can probably carry out in the outside world. 

Do you share that thought? You probably do, that’s why you’re here, looking for video game case protectors. Well, for gamers, those little disks represent a treasure and we don’t want them to be damaged for any reason. 

Why is it important to store our video games in boxes?

First of all, in order for our video games to last longer and work properly, it is important not to leave the discs inside the console, but to keep them in their respective boxes!

Although this action does not cause any damage, it is always better to remove them from the console. You don’t want to accidentally damage the discs when you make a sudden movement. Better safe than sorry, as the old saying goes. 

Now, if I insist that you keep the disc in its case, it is because that is what they are for. They allow us to protect the discs from bumps and dust, keeping them in perfect condition for a long time. 

So, if you leave the discs inside the console or on any surface, they are likely to get scratched. Unfortunately, at one moment you will stop playing that game . Hence the importance of using video game case protectors. 

Why should I buy video game boxes protectors?

The use of box protectors is a way to take even better care of our video games, to shield them completely. In fact, it represents a fairly simple solution to protect our games from excessive dirt and humidity. 

But you must be careful, you have to choose box protectors for video games that are not aggressive, that is to say that they do not damage the cases. The BP 100 ones are an excellent option. 

Basically, because they are made from Polyethylene Terephthalate, known as PET plastic. This is a material with excellent properties in terms of rigidity and transparency.

Generally, for video game case protectors, PT 0.5 mm thick sheets are used, which are characterized by being super strong.  

In addition to being strong, these protectors tend to be very comfortable for our sight, because as we mentioned, they are usually transparent. This allows us to locate and visualize at all times the name of our video game. So that we do not fall into confusion. 

What other benefits do video game case protectors offer?

These protectors prevent video game cases from deforming or breaking after a fall or blow. In addition, PET can be in contact with solvents without being damaged. This is certainly a great advantage, especially for absent-minded kids who leave their games lying around. 

In addition, PET plastic has flame-retardant properties. This means that it rejects combustion and can even protect our video game boxes from fire. As long as the fire is not too strong, of course. 

And best of all, these video game case protectors are quite environmentally friendly. Therefore, they represent a way to help with the sustainability of our planet. Undoubtedly, this is one of its most attractive properties. 

What other elements should we consider to protect our video games?

To ensure the integrity of our games, it is essential that we keep the games at a temperature between 18 and 22 degrees Celsius. While BP10 game case protectors are somewhat heat resistant, avoid high temperatures. 

Excessive humidity

In addition to taking care of the temperature of your environment, it is essential that you keep your video games away from excessive humidity. Basically, because this can cause our games to deteriorate easily. 


This is another of the great enemies of video games. Therefore, it is essential that we keep our environment clean. As well as the protectors and boxes. 

So, clean your shelves, cabinets, tables or any surface where you tend to place your games. Since these places are where dust accumulates the most. This not only protects our discs, but also our consoles. 

Direct sunlight

Just like dust, direct sunlight has a negative impact on our video games. When the sun’s rays hit a certain area of our games, they will gradually lose their color. 

In addition, if we do not have video game box protectors, the plastic or cardboard of the boxes can degrade and crack. In short, these materials will lose their properties. 

In any case, the best option is to keep our video games in a closed and dark place. Or, in this case, use display cabinets or closed cabinets, i.e. furniture that does not allow direct sunlight to pass through. 


The way we place our video games is also very important. Therefore, it is recommended to place them in a vertical position and with a small space between the boxes. 

This way we will avoid that they are too tight and that dirt accumulates. Likewise, avoid stacking video games. And, please, never place them horizontally. If you don’t have video game case protectors, the cases can be easily damaged. 


Do you like to smoke? If you do, then avoid doing so in the place where your video game collection is housed. Simply because smoke tends to damage the properties of paper and cardboard. Materials from which game boxes are generally made.

So, if you do not want your box to become brittle, stain and deteriorate easily, try to leave smoking inside your room. That is, near the place where you keep your video game collections. 


If you are one of those who like to eat while playing. Then, be careful not to touch the video game boxes with your hands full of grease. 

This is because the cardboard absorbs them very easily. Once it is impregnated, it is almost impossible to disappear. The best option is to keep our hands clean while using the games. 

Now, why should we choose BP100 products?

As you have noticed, there are many factors that can affect the integrity of our video games. Therefore, it is essential to have accessories that provide us with greater security, such as BP100’s video game case protectors.

BP100 not only offers protectors for your video game cases, but also has a wide range of products. They range from PVC/PET/PP plastic boxes to packaging for phone cases. 

Although these products stand out for their resistance, they are lighter and easier to transport. They are even flexible and waterproof. In addition, they are recyclable and non-toxic. Undoubtedly, they are a great option to maintain the integrity of our video games. 

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