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An Introduction

Bath bombs may do a lot more than pamper your skin. For example, have you ever considered making a million-dollar fortune by selling bath bombs wholesale? Yes, you read it correctly.

It’s also a lot less expensive than you may think. Bath bomb packaging wholesale providers in Canada are what you require and some helpful advice to know the best option. What’s this? There’s no need to look any further; everything you need is right here.

Stay tuned to know more about the best eco-friendly bath bomb packaging wholesalers in Canada!

Shenzhen BP100 Packaging

Shenzhen BestPackaging100 is synonymous with authentic, dependable quality in bespoke bath bomb packaging boxes branded with your company’s emblem. PVC plastic boxes, PET plastic boxes, PP plastic boxes, Funko Pop Protectors, paper boxes, blisters, and other packaging are handled by their in-house team in Canada. Customized and cost-effective bath bomb packaging boxes are available from us to meet any needs, personal or professional. In addition, there is a wide range of bath bomb possibilities for the custom bath bomb packaging design Ideas that our creative designers have created just for you.

Location: Shajing Street, Bao a district, Shenzhen City, China

Company Type: Manufacturing, Wholesale

Website: BestPackaging100 -Custom Boxes Packaging For Your Own Brand

Email: melody.bp100@bestpackaging100-com


Gust offers inexpensive bulk bath bomb packaging supplies at affordable prices, which makes it an attractive proposition to customers in Canada. In addition, one can order eco-friendly bath bomb packaging and get free delivery and design assistance. Also, you can get your bath bomb packaging boxes in whatever form, size, or color you need, and don’t be afraid to experiment.

Location: Toronto, ON, Canada

Company Type: Business Services, Manufacturing, Wholesale, Trading

Website: Bath Bomb Packaging | Toronto, ON, Canada Startup (gust.com)

Email: info@gust.com

Custom Packaging Services

Custom bath bomb packaging is critical to the success of your items. Your boxes would be tailored to the demographics of the people receiving them. Custom Packaging Services can assist you in accomplishing this goal. They can help you design the packaging for bath bomb of your dreams at surprisingly low prices. They will, of course, provide you with the printing of the highest quality.

This organization can produce as little as 100 boxes or as many as you want. You save money when you buy in bulk since the commodities are utilized more effectively. Their clients in the United States and Canada get lower prices than the wholesale marketplaces for bath bomb boxes. In addition to their affordable pricing, they provide free shipping to everywhere in the United States and Canada.

Location: 532 N. Magnolia Ave #560 Anaheim, CA

Company Type: Wholesale, Custom Packing

Website: Custom Bath Bomb Packaging Boxes | Custom Packaging Boxes (custompackagingservices.com)

Email: info@custompackagingservices.com

Emenac Packaging Services

Emenac Packaging, based in Canada, is the most reliable source for bespoke boxes and custom printed packaging. With bath bombs, you may create a spa-like ambiance during your bath time rituals. You will fall in love with your smooth skin after using these products since they are made with the goal of cleaning and providing an enjoyable experience.

The best essential oil and cocoa butter combination nourish and hydrate your skin from head to toe. Suppose you’re looking for a fantastic fizzy that heals your skin and a source of relaxation for your bath time. In that case, you’ll find it in bath bombs designed under the watchful eye of a cosmetic dermatologist, dermatologist, or physiatrist. However, until a skilled designer plays with the magic of colors and makes a beautiful template, it’s impossible to convey how a consumer feels after a bath with color bombs. Emenac Packaging’s trained and experienced designers are well-versed with the magical combinations of the analogous, complementary, split complementary, triadic, rectangle, and monochromatic color schemes when designing your custom design bath bomb boxes.

Location: 10 Four Seasons Place, Suite 1000, Toronto, Ontario, M9B 6H7, Canada

Company Type: Manufacturing, Wholesale

Website: Custom bath bomb Boxes | Custom Printed bath bomb Boxes | bath bomb Packaging Boxes Wholesale (emenacpackaging.ca)

Email: inquiry@emenacpackaging.ca

Wholesale Bath Bomb Canada

Canada Bath Bombs for sale is what Wholesale Bath Bomb Canada is best at.

A Distributor, Beauty Brand, Spa, Resort, Gift Boutique, Grocery Store, etc. The wide variety of packaging for bath bombs they provide sets them apart. Natural, Mini, and a Surprise Personalized Labeling Is a Thing. For medium-sized orders, they wholesale and private label. Large-scale bath bomb production is one of their specialties, as are unique designs and packaging.

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Company Type: Trading, manufacturing, wholesale

Website: Wholesale Bath Bomb Canada

Year of Founding: 2016


Etsy provides all-natural, handmade bath bombs produced from only pure organic essential oils, with an assortment of petals and ingredients for a relaxing nature experience. Includes 18-20 little heart-shaped bath bombs; use 1-3 each bath, as desired. It’s safe and entertaining for youngsters. Bath Bombs come in a vast range of colors and flower petals. Visit their website to see what each color and flower petal combination looks like. They have also got the best bath bomb gift packaging for you!

Location: Canada

Company Type: Trading, manufacturing, wholesale

Website: Bath Bomb Packaging | Etsy Canada

Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter

Virgin Printing

Keeping global warming’s impact on the planet in mind has necessitated that all enterprises adhere to correct regulations Virgin Printing believes and takes the initiative. Because if we don’t, the world as we know it will soon be gone. That’s more than enough to persuade Virgin Printing customers in Canada to switch to a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. Bath bomb packing boxes mixed with the idea of bath bomb gift packaging may be found in many designs thanks to custom printed packaging. A bath bomb’s use is that Your skin will be silky and hydrated thanks to the emollients and softeners that bath bombs contribute to your bathwater. The type of skin you have doesn’t matter; bath bombs’ therapeutic elements make your skin supple, smooth, and soft. If you’re looking for a gentle exfoliator, this is the one for you. Presentation forms, double-ended, roof, and any other form you may need may be obtained from them.

Location: 17 Princess Road London, Greater LondonNW1 8JR, UK

Company Type: Trading, manufacturing, wholesale

Website: Bath Bomb Boxes — Custom Printed Bath Bomb Packaging Boxes Wholesale — VIRGIN Printing

Email: Support@virginprinting.com

The Design and Packaging Company

Packaging is your one-stop shop for packaging, printing, and design solutions in the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, and Australia. Custom packing boxes of any size, style, or color are no problem for us because of the many customization options we provide. They place a high value on providing a first-rate product and service to every client.

Notify them if you are looking for high-quality bath bomb packing boxes. Packaging is the answer! Their boxes are made from high-quality materials and printed using the most up-to-date processes, giving your items a stunning appearance.

Location:  953 Southern Boulevard, Bronx, NY 10459

Company Type: Manufacturing, wholesale

Website: Bath bomb boxes | Custom bath bomb packaging wholesale (dnpackaging.com)

Email: sales@dnpackaging.com


Ivan and Wendy run YellowBee, a youthful and dynamic Canadian firm. They’re supplying, packing, and printing personal care products. Regularly, they put in long hours and earnest efforts to find the essential items at the lowest prices so that their clients may get the most bang for their buck. Personal care product supply, packaging, and printing are all handled by YellowBee. To fulfill your purchases, they do not have a storefront but rather a warehouse in which they keep their inventory.

Location:  2880 107 Ave SE #106 Calgary,AB, Canada T2Z 3R7

Company Type: Trading, manufacturing, wholesale

Website: Bath Bomb Ingredients – YellowBee Packaging and Supplies Inc

Email: yellowbeeca@gmail.com

Packaging Corner

It’s crucial to have a design that stands out as your goods. There are a variety of bath bomb packaging brands available on the market. Therefore your design must stand out to get the most interest. Packaging Corner can help you with that. Make sure to peruse their range of personalized options for your boxes.

Location: 81 Hawthorne ave Ronkonkoma NY 11779

Company Type: Manufacturing, wholesale

Website: Get Up to 40% Off | Custom Printed Bath Bomb Boxes | Packaging Corner | Your Best Packaging Partner

Email: sales@packagingcorner.com

Give It A Shot!

We are wrapping off at the best 10 Canadian bath bomb wholesalers to wrap things off today. To top it all off, we hope you have a solid business concept and a few pointers on how to make it a success. When we respond by purchasing these sustainable items, we indicate that we care about our health and the well-being of other living beings. So, what more is there to say? It’s time to get your bath bomb company off the ground.

Purchasing these items online or at a local retailer is up to you; take the initiative and give them a try! You won’t regret purchasing any of these items!

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