Top 10 Bath Bomb Packaging Wholesalers in Australia

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Bath bombs are very popular regardless of age due to their benefits and beauty. However, the quality of bath bomb packaging can work magic and add more value to its popularity. As the soap industry has grown enormous, it is highly needed to try innovative packaging ideas to have a better growth of customers.

Here in this article, we will glimpse the top 10 bath bomb packaging wholesalers in Australia.

BP100 Packaging Co., Ltd.

If you ask me to compare among bath bomb packaging wholesalers, then from my personal experience, I would pick Shenzhen BP100 7 out of 10 times before any other company for their excellent service.

For their years-long expertise in packaging and dedication to perfection, I suggest you can comfortably rely on Shenzhen BP100 for wholesale bath bomb packaging. One thing I have found constant with Shenzhen BP100 Packaging is their quality. Also, you can find their bath bomb boxes to have excellent finishing, and above all, they provide you with eco-friendly products.

Another thing that made me inclined to order from them more because I found the flexibility to order bath bomb boxes from a wide array of customized designs and shapes of my design, and they have been delivered with great precision.

You will always find bath bomb packaging from Shenzhen BP100 to be within budget, and you can also order the lowest minimum quantity from Shenzhen BP100 Packaging CO., Ltd.

  • Location: Shenzhen
  • Company type: Custom Packaging, Wholesale
  • Founded on: 2008
  • The number of employees: 300+
  • Products: PET Plastic Box, PVC Plastic Box, Funko Pop Protectors, PP Plastic Box, Paper Box, etc.

Plus Printers

Plus Printers are another perfect option for bath bomb packaging wholesale in this industry. When we are talking about Plus Printers, I should mention their beautiful creative artworks on custom bath bomb boxes that you might find attractive. If you order from them, you can observe their packaging to be very careful and protective to ensure the safety of the delicate nature of the bath bombs.

‘Plus Printers’ offers you a brand new and attractive range of bath bombs packaging. Another thing that I like about them is Plus Printers offers eco-friendly and sustainable bath bomb packaging. And guess what? The good thing is they do not charge for dye or plates.

  • Location: New York
  • Company type: Packaging, Containers Manufacturing, Wholesale
  • The number of employees: 200-500
  • Founded on: 2001
  • Products: Custom boxes, packaging boxes, digital printing, custom packaging boxes, and plus printers. 


Etsy is one of the very well-known groups of packaging wholesalers worldwide and in Australia. Suppose you want to make purchases for your bath bomb packaging wholesale from Etsy.

In that case, you will probably find Etsy to be very optimistic about helping your creative ideas to bring into reality and assisting in expanding your business. You will also find Etsy to feature environmental sustainability and eco-friendly production. 

  • Location: Brooklyn, NY
  • Company type: E-Commerce, Craft Supply, Packaging, Wholesale
  • Number of employees: 1400
  • Founded on: 2005
  • Products: Vintage Products, Printing, Custom Jewelry Boxes, Custom Packaging, Home Décor, etc.


When we look forward to helping our brand stand out, we consider a few things in mind the product must come with unique, creative, and a wide range of diversity. And saying all these, I want to incorporate Packzy in this list of top 10 bath bomb packaging wholesalers in Australia, as you may find all of the things in the service of Packzy that I’ve just mentioned above.

It is a custom packaging wholesaler company that offers various exciting ways of packaging and nicely presenting your products. Packzy tries to provide the quality and perfection of your Bath Bomb Packaging packaging.

  • Location: Mickleham, VIC
  • Company type: Packaging, Custom Boxes, Wholesale
  • Founded on: 2021
  • Products: Printing, Custom Boxes, Custom Packaging, Custom Cardboard Boxes, Printed Cosmetics Boxes, and Customized CBD Boxes. 

Packaging Bee

Packaging Bee is another name that I would place among Australia’s top bath bomb packaging wholesalers.

With the combined efforts of their dedicated and professional employees, packaging bee aims to provide the most durable packaging for bath bombs which you are pretty likely to find within your affordability. For ensuring the bath bombs’ safety, Packaging Bee tends to use sturdy materials in their boxes.

Another great feature that Packaging Bee will offer you is their free delivery service for all the customers residing within Australia. I won’t be surprised if you find Packaging Bee very careful about your requirements, and you can surely choose vibrant colors and vivid designs for your bath bomb packaging wholesale from Packaging Bee.  

  • Location: Brooklyn, New York
  • Company type: Freight & Package Transportation, Wholesale
  • Number of employees: Around 500
  • Products: Cosmetic Boxes, Food Boxes, Retail Boxes, Bath Bomb Packaging, Candle Boxes, etc.  

Custom Packaging Boxes

With an Eco-Friendly view, ‘Custom Packaging Boxes’ offers you unlimited available options for the customization of durable and handy bath bomb boxes. They have been in this industry for over a decade.

Having the personalization options with a wide variation of finishing options, Custom Packaging Boxes can be considered among the top companies for bath bomb packaging wholesale. 

  • Location: Australia
  • Company type: Online Printing & Designing Firm, Wholesale
  • Founded on: 2010
  • Products: Customized Boxes, Customized Bags, Sticker Labels, Hang Tags, etc. 

The Cosmetic Boxes

If we list the top 10 bath bomb packaging wholesalers in Australia, you can’t exclude The Cosmetic Boxes for their reliable service over a decade. You are much more likely to find a great variety of bath bomb packaging at an affordable price.

Also, if you want cost-efficient and reliable products with fast delivery of your bath bomb packaging, then my suggestion for The Cosmetic Boxes will always be there. 

  • Location: New South Wales, Australia
  • Company type: Packaging and Printing.
  • Founded on: 2000
  • Products: Cosmetic Products, Customized Printed Stickers, Food Packaging Boxes, etc. 

Emenac Packaging

Emenac Packaging is another name in the industry that has been working for around a decade and providing the best possible bath bomb packaging service. Emenac packaging offers you a wide range of customized advanced designs and materials for packaging.

Another thing I like about Emenac Packaging is that they require no minimum order quantity. 

  • Location: Melbourne, Australia
  • Company type: Customized Printing & Packaging, Wholesale
  • Products: Apparel Boxes, Food Boxes, Cosmetic Box, Retail Box, etc. 


DNPackaging is another name in the packaging industry from where you might be able to meet all your needs regarding bath bomb packaging. Their service suggests that their team consists of highly experienced specialists and creative designers.

If you want to experience good quality and craftsmanship in your bath bomb packaging in Australia, then DNPackaging can be a good option for you.

  • Location: Bronx, New York
  • Company type: Packaging, Printing, and Designing.
  • Founded on: 2015
  • Products: Customized Boxes, Bags, Table Tents, Cups, CD Jackets Etc. 

Half Price Packaging

Half Price Packaging provides you top quality cardboard that comes with elegance and durability. The inclusion for this in the top 10 bath bomb packaging wholesalers is their products are luxurious eco-friendly, and they require zero shipping charge in Australia and several other countries.

If you want quality and attractive looks at once, then Half Price Packaging can be a good option for your bath bomb packaging wholesale. 

  • Location: Los Angeles, California
  • Company type: Packaging and Containers Manufacturing
  • Employees: 500
  • Products: Apparel Boxes, Aromatherapy Boxes, Envelopes and Mailers, etc.


Innovative designs and packaging features give your bath bomb products a robust and appealing look. And this helps you not just to sustain in this vast industry. Instead, it stands you out as one of the pioneers of advanced packaging of the product.

And all of these bath bomb packaging wholesaler organizations that we have mentioned here can successfully assist you in reaching your goal with the most unique and advanced packaging.

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