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What is Pvc plastic packaging box?

PVC packaging box is a kind of heat-sensitive plastic product that is easy to decompose when exposed to heat. Its main raw material is a general-purpose thermoplastic packaging box made of PVC resin. The earliest flexible plastic packaging used in my country is PVC resin, and PVC resin as a whole It looks slightly yellow, translucent and shiny, and its transparency is far better than polyethylene, polypropylene and other materials.

Features of PVC packaging box

  1. Wide application, high comprehensive performance index. Many of your common products on the market are actually made of PVC packaging boxes. For example, packaging hooks and shower curtains are very daily necessities, but the magic is that they are actually PVC packaging materials. In addition to these, PVC packaging boxes can also be used in many industries,like toys, gifts, hardware, medicine, clothing and other internal and external packaging. It can be seen that PVC plastic box packaging has a wide range of applications and is reflected in all aspects of life.
  2. Easy to shape, suitable for shaping many forms and product types. Why PVC packaging boxes can be used in different areas of life? One of the big reasons is that PVC packaging boxes are easy to form, have strong moldability, and can be made into various shapes The types of products that can be tried naturally increase. Moreover, the PVC packaging box can be attached with rich color matching according to different product needs. So it is very popular with everyone.
  3. Low price. Secondly, PVC packaging plastic box is not only widely used, but also a very cheap material in terms of price. It is reliable in quality and relatively low in price. It can be described as good in quality and low in price.
  4. Low-carbon environmental protection In China in recent years, has always been a topic of continuous discussion. BP100 is also very concerned about the low-carbon environmental protection of a product. The PVC packaging box is not easy to break and can be used repeatedly, so it has the characteristics of low carbon and environmental protection.

Advantages of PVC plastic box production

(1)Transparent plastic boxes are easy to mass produce. Now the production technology of transparent plastic boxes is relatively advanced, and we are constantly introducing new ones. As long as we make molds according to customer requirements, we can easily use machines for large-scale mass production. And the production of molds is relatively simple, and does not require very professional skills or craftsmanship, and you can make it with a simple learning. Transparent clear plastic boxes can meet individual customization. If we produce transparent plastic boxes, we can easily customize them according to customer requirements. For example, you can add some patterns or text appropriately, and you can change the plastic box according to customer requirements. The shape of the product can easily help customers increase the attention and attractiveness of the product through a more distinctive plastic box.

(2)Nowadays, whether it is shopping for meals or daily storage of some items, we often need to use plastic packaging, and most of the time it is used almost every day. Then, how should we choose between all kinds of plastic packaging? For example, different types of materials, different packaging methods, and so on. Plastic packaging is relatively light. This can be said to be the biggest feature and convenience of plastic packaging. Compared with the iron packaging, cloth packaging and even glass ceramic packaging that we used before, plastic packaging has basically not increased. Especially for many items that need to be transported over long distances, reducing weight is cost-saving and convenient for transportation, which has great benefits.

(3)When plastics were not popular, paper and iron packaging boxes were the main products. As plastic boxes gradually entered the consumer’s field of vision, packaging box manufacturers also seized this opportunity to produce highly transparent and environmentally friendly recycled transparent plastic box packaging. But not all plastic box packaging can bring good sales to the product. The plastic box packaging that can attract consumers to buy needs to follow the following conditions. The transparent plastic box has a rational design in structure, providing a stable protection environment and exquisiteness for the product In terms of packaging materials, manufacturers with thick and custom-made plastic boxes will choose environmentally friendly, scratch-resistant and highly transparent materials, which can ensure that the product is not damaged during transportation and storage, and it also meets the standards of processing, printing and environmental protection; The transparent plastic box with attractive and high-end design makes the marketing ability of the product grow in a ladder to a certain extent. Different patterns can be designed according to different products to better fit the sales direction; in addition, the product packaging has a certain degree The anti-counterfeiting function of the company, the transmission of company brand culture information and the marketing ability of related products. Because the transparent plastic box packaging features high plasticity, high transparency, durability and corrosion resistance, it is deeply loved by consumers and the design embellishment has brought consumers a good shopping experience.

Which supplier to choose for custom PVC plastic boxes ?

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