Custom Box Clear Plastic Packaging Gift Box Transparent PVC Box Manufacturers

transparent pvc box manufacturers

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transparent pvc box manufacturers


PVC plastic




colors printing ,CMYK or Pantone



Custom Box Clear Plastic Packaging Gift Box Transparent PVC Box Manufacturers

Custom Box Clear Plastic Packaging Gift Box Transparent PVC Box Manufacturers


Application Fields:
Cosmetic packaging ,stationery packaging,underwear and bra packaging ,food packaging ,
electronic products packaging ,gift and craft packaging ,hardware tool packaging ,products
displaying and ect.
Material Features:
1, PVC –with nice anti-fouling ability , prices are relatively low.
Mostly used in Daily used goods
2, PET –high transparency & glossiness,beautiful appearance, strong figure
Mostly use in products that required high environmental protection products
3, PP —good toughness,eco-friendly. Consist smooth PP. frosted PP,twill PP
Mostly use in baby products & stationery products package

box style:

Item name
transparent pvc box
Accept customized
Accept customized
Color printing
Accept customized
Shipping cost
Pls provide detailed delivery address, we will check the estimated shipping costs.
Delivery time
Around 3-10 working days depend on QTY.

Jiangxin packaging, your most reliable clear packaging producer,Xiamen Jiangxin plastic packaging box company has been established for 15 years! Packaging Range: clear plastic folding boxes, tube packaging, blister packaging, clamshell, PP clip strips, ect. Application: attractive packaging for foods, cosmetics, electronics,daily necessities, toys, crafts, gifts, ect. OUR MAIN PACKAGING PRODUCTS OEM plastic / carton packaging box, tube packaging, blister packaging, clamshell, PP clip strip, ect. Materials can be chose, which include PP, PS, PET ,PVC and so on.

Product showcase :

PVC PET PP packaging box customization:

Mainly used for: cosmetic packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, electronic packaging, toy packaging, stationery packaging, food packaging, daily necessities packaging, etc.
★Product material: A grade material PVC, PET, PP
★Product features: environmental protection, electrostatic treatment, commonly used materials such as gold-plated, twill, transparent, frosted, milky white, other color materials, and protective film.
★Product technology: 1. The processing methods are mainly machine bonding, ultrasonic crimping and buckle methods. 2. The printing method mainly adopts offset printing and screen printing.
★Product style: straight type, horizontal type, bottle type, round type, triangle type, etc.
★Cooperation process: From order receipt, design and plate making, publishing, printing and production to delivery, we must let customers obtain products and services.
★ PVC, PET, PP transparent material packaging box has won the favor of many customers for its transparency and good protection performance. The surface adopts PVC offset UV printing, which is flexible, easy to form, not easy to be brittle, long storage time, and bright in color. The surface is bright! The product shape, specification, color, thickness, craftsmanship, etc. can be specially formulated according to the specific requirements of the business.
★All the above products can be sampled within 3-5 days. After the sample is satisfied and the order is confirmed, it will be shipped within 10 days. In case of urgent need, it can be shipped within 7 days. The pictures sent are all samples and exhibits, and the price is for reference only. The specific price should be determined according to your material and specification requirements; because the thickness of the material, the number of printing colors, and the quantity are different, plus the price of the raw material is uncertain , So our products are not subject to the price of one price<

Material and process display:

Material introduction:

PVC PET PP plastic packaging box is a new type of material developed in recent years, with excellent toughness, high strength, high transparency, and high-quality environmental performance.

Process introduction:

Printing: spot color or full color printing (shape, specification, color and process can be customized according to customer requirements) Surface treatment: protective film, matte, UV coating, embossing, embossing, bronzing and silver, color printing, UV treatment, etc.

Company Profile:

We are located in Shajing Street, Bao an district, Shenzhen City,China. We are a professional manufacturer of PVC, PET, PP material packaging products. The company has passed ISO9001, SGS, REACH, ROHS quality system certification test certificates. We have an experienced professional team with 20 years of R&D, production and sales experience. Our technicians and designers can provide you with help and help you customize products that are satisfactory. Our professional quality control personnel are always before production. Monitor the production process. Our products have been exported to many countries and regions in the world, especially in North America, Europe and Southeast Asia. The high quality and integrity of our products have brought us a good reputation for long-term cooperation with customers. We welcome customers from all over the world, we always provide customers with the best quality products, competitive prices and perfect service. We look forward to establishing a reliable, good and trustworthy cooperative relationship with you in the near future and developing mutual benefits with you. Welcome to contact us.

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Q1: Do you have your own factory?

We have our own factory in Dongguan, Guangdong, China, close to the port, so we have an advantage in price and quality control.

Q2: Can we get some samples? Free or any charges?

Yes, and stock samples available for free. You would pay for the sample only if you need the customized one.

Q3: What is the price and how can we get a quote quickly?

We will offer you the best quote after we get the product specifications such as material, size, shape, color, quantity, surface finishing, etc.

Q4: Can you help with the design?

Sure, we have professional designers to offer the design service.

Thanks for visiting our website!

And we look forward to your inquiry~


Contact :

Name : Melody

Email: melody.bp100@foxmail.com

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