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What to Look for in a Phone Case Packaging Box. Ask yourself this before launching a company or introducing a new product line. Phone case package design concepts for mobile phone cases are provided in this article.

We’ve had to spend more time inside in recent years due to the spread of COVID-19. When trapped within our house, how will we pass the time? All fine; you make a good point. More and more of us are turning to our mobile devices and the World Wide Web in search of entertainment. Simultaneously, we will become more aware of our immediate environment. Perhaps you’ll need to get some new, more convenient phone cases. Your mood will improve, and your phone-using experience will be more pleasant if you get a new cover.

Speaking of the phone cover, phone case packaging makes a huge difference. If the packaging looks good, the business will attract more buyers. Yes, it’s true because the packaging is one thing that protects the product inside.

So in this blog, we will discuss phone case packaging ideas:

Phone case packaging ideas:

  • Eco-friendly, high-transparency PET plastic and biodegradable paper phone case box packaging
  • Innovative cell phone case packaging: Show off your stylish new phone cover without even opening the box
  • Safeguard the box from being broken while it is on display or being transported. The user’s protection when opening and shutting the box is another important factor.
  • Low manufacturing costs due to simplicity of design and speed of mass production

Typical Components of Cell Phone Cases Packaging

Packaging for mobile phones often comes in either plastic or paper varieties.

· Plastic

You may choose from PVC or PET plastic for your phone case’s packing. Here are some distinctions between PVC and PET:

In most cases, the price of PVC will be lower than that of PET. If affordability is your primary concern, PVC is a decent material to use.

There is no denying that PET is a more sustainable material than PVC, but it does come at a greater price. Even when pollution levels rise, we still have the power to work toward a better future for our planet. As a result, every mobile phone case packaging concept, including a mobile phone, should center on PET material.

· Paper

When it comes to paper, typical options for phone case packaging include Single Side Coated Paper (C1S), Double Sides Coated Paper (C2S), Kraft Paper, and Corrugated. Here are the key distinctions between the many paper types often used in creative approaches to the cell phone case packaging box:

You can only print on one side of single-sided coated paper (C1S), leaving the blank side white. Therefore, it is often formed into a box.

The typical thickness of cardboard is 2mm, making it much thicker than standard paper ( same as 0.079 inches). It’s also more durable than other types of paper. The typical present box is made of cardboard. When made from a cardboard box, phone covers have a more refined appearance.

PRINTING On Phone case Packaging:

If you need a unique box for your packaging for phone cases, BestPackaging100 offers a custom printing service.

We support  following are the printing technique:

  • Screen Printing
  • Offset printing
  • Gold/Silver Hot Stamping
  • Silver/Gold Printing
  • Embossing
  • Spot UV Varnishing
  • Gloss/Matt Lamination

Phone case packaging manufacturers

Here is the list of best phone case packaging manufacturers and wholesale packaging supply companies worldwide:

  1. BestPackaging100
  2. Alibaba.com
  3. Ali Express
  4. 99 designs
  5. YBY Boxes
  6. Made in China
  7. DH gate.com
  8. Ememenac packaging

How to Ship Phone Cases

It is critical to guarantee that all mobile phone cases, regardless of whether you’re sending one or a few dozen, are wrapped securely and arrive at their destination without damage. Shipping a mobile phone case through the post office is a simple process overall, although there are some exceptions depending on the carrier.

How to send a mobile phone case via FedEx, UPS, or the United States Postal Service? We’ve got you covered with our comprehensive shipping guide.

Transportation Guidelines

1. Pick a sturdy container or padded envelope.

To begin, decide whether you’d want to send using a strong box or a cushioned envelope. A cushioned envelope is ideal for mailing a single or dual mobile phone case. It is recommended to utilize a hard box if sending more than a few mobile phone cases.

The United States Postal Service (USPS) offers free Flat Rate Priority Mail boxes to anybody who does not have access to their own. In addition, the US Postal Service’s fixed amount boxes are often the least expensive shipping option available. Flat rate boxes are available at no cost and may be obtained from the US Postal Service either by mail or at your post office.

The specialized mobile phone case delivery boxes sold by FedEx and UPS may be purchased online. These boxes keep mobile phone cases safe without the need for extra packing, plus they make a nice display.

2. Make Sure Phone Cases Are Safely Enclosed

Styrofoam is the greatest solution for safeguarding the phone case itself. Having two layers ensures complete protection and gives you a safety net in case the bubbles start to burst. Tape the sheets together once they have been wrapped tightly around the phone case’s width.

Finally, fill any extra space in the box with filler to assist absorb energy and stop jostling. The obvious solution would be packing peanuts, but crumpled newspapers might also do the job.

3. Pick a Transport Company

When the mobile phone case has been boxed up and is ready to be sent, the customer may choose a service provider. FedEx, UPS, and the US Postal Service are the usual suspects when it comes to sending a phone case.

FedEx Cell Phone Case Shipping

Shipping a mobile phone case through FedEx is often the fastest and most costly choice. They provide Saturday delivery as one of their basic shipping bundles and have a very precise tracking method that gives a clear notion of the progress of goods.

FedEx’s shipping rates for a mobile phone case usually begin at $15 for ground delivery and rise to over $50 for overnight delivery.

UPS Mobile Phone Case Shipping

There is a high level of trustworthiness and safety while using a UPS. Due to UPS’s superior tracking capabilities and dependability, the company is preferred by many e-commerce sites.

If time isn’t of the essence and the receiver can wait a bit longer, UPS Ground is a fantastic option. In most cases, the lowest UPS ground shipping rate for a single mobile phone case is roughly $10, and delivery usually takes around five business days.

Mobile Phone Postal Shipping

USPS often costs less than the other two choices. Since a mobile phone case is quite light, First Class Mail is probably the best choice since it only costs around $4 to deliver items that weigh less than 13 ounces.

Shipping schedules through USPS, however, might be less reliable than those by UPS or FedEx. It usually takes between three days and a week for mail inside the continental United States to arrive using their services.

4. Stick a label saying “For Road Use Only” on the package.

Regulatory constraints dictate that you affix a “surface transport only” sticker on the outside of the item for safe delivery.

5. Put a stamp on it and send it off.

You may save time and money by purchasing and printing postage from the comfort of your own home, but determining the exact weight for your box may prove to be your toughest challenge. In terms of accuracy, a kitchen scale is more than enough for most commonplace shipping jobs.

It’s important to include the weight of the box itself, not simply the contents, when determining shipping costs. To minimize complications, it’s also recommended that shipment weights be rounded up to the next ounce.

Priority Mail Flat Charge packages do not need to be measured when you are delivering with USPS, meaning that you may ship anything you need to send for a single flat rate.

If you’re shipping by FedEx or UPS and lack availability to a scale, you may get assistance with measuring and packing your mobile device at a nearby shipping location.

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