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What is a mailer boxes

Mailer boxes is a common box type, and it is widely used in the market. You can see airplane boxes from express packaging to high-end luxury packaging.

The material of colored mailer boxes

The mailer boxes, named after its unfolded shape resembling an airplane, is a branch of the carton box. It is the first choice for express packaging and delivery. It is made of corrugated paper. Mailer boxes are generally made of corrugated paper.

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The composition of custom mailer boxes

The forming part of custom mailer boxes is composed of a layer of printed surface paper + corrugated paper + inner paper. The three important parts directly affect the beauty and quality of the airplane box color box. In fact, it is obvious that the thicker the corrugated paper is, The thicker the inner paper and the higher the weight of the facial paper, the stiffness of the corrugated mailer box must be very good.

Generally there are three layers and five layers for making mailer boxes.

  1. The three layers are divided into a type, b type and e type, and the material thickness is 4 mm, 3 mm, and 1.5 mm respectively. Most airplane boxes are made of b-type and e-type. The thickness of a-type is 4 mm.
  2. The five layers are divided into ab watts, be watts, and ae watts, but only be watts suitable for mailer boxes, with a thickness of 3-4 mm, are generally used to install LCD screens and other products with high pressure resistance requirements.

Development and application of wholesale mailer boxes

With the increasing development of the Internet, the threshold is lower, and self-employed and small businesses that open online shops have also risen. How to avoid the wear and tear of the goods in the delivery process is a problem that must be considered, so more and more businesses will choose Relatively low cost and cost-effective aircraft boxes are the first choice for shipping packing boxes. In addition, because it can print information such as store name and address, it can increase customers’ awareness of the brand and increase customer stickiness.

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