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Do you have a cupcake making business? Individual cupcake boxes will make the difference. Give it personality and protect your wonderful creations with the most beautiful models on the market.

Customers always appreciate the presentation of the services and products they purchase. Especially in the gastronomic field. Hence, the importance of having a good packaging.

Show off with individual cupcake boxes

Individual cupcake boxes can be very useful for those who are dedicated to the elaboration of these delicious desserts. The best part is that they can be chosen and decorated according to preference.

What do they bring? A series of benefits that will translate into an increase in customers. 

Imagine you are a customer and you want to buy a cupcake. Keep in mind that you want to consume it far away from the store, so it is necessary to move it. Individual cupcake boxes are an incredible solution for these cases. 

It may also be that the cupcakes are to be given as a gift. Any detail must have a nice presentation. Cupcakes do not escape from this reality. Keep in mind that at all times, thinking like a customer will help you to understand what their needs are and how to satisfy them.

The shipping solution

Any cupcake baking business needs shipping boxes. How many times have you bought a dessert to go? Individual cupcake boxes solve this need, which you can take advantage of.

Personally, I prefer to move food in closed boxes. This way, it’s easier for me to handle while I’m on my way to another location.

Individual moving may not be relevant for businesses with high production levels. However, it is always necessary to consider this type of relocation. It may be the case that a customer requests individual shipment.

If you are a small entrepreneur, individual cupcake boxes can become your best ally. I have a friend who organizes events and celebrations. At many of them, cupcakes are a must. In fact, they are a trend in children’s or theme parties.

From her experience, she tells me that she always prefers to transport them in individual boxes. Regardless of the quantity. This way, she finds it more dynamic to move and handle them. 

Give personality to your business

Every element counts when in a sale. Regardless of the type of product. Using cupcake boxes can be a useful element for your brand. The packaging design and the way it is presented are distinctive aspects.

Do you want to give personality to your product? Make it possible with individual cupcake boxes.

Packaging is a very important element for marketing strategies. You can take advantage of this element to identify the company in charge of making the cupcakes; attach contact information; integrate a message to connect with the customer, among other aspects.

Companies that want to be recognized for selling cupcakes have the opportunity to make their business known through the design of individual cupcake boxes. To do so, they have the possibility to choose among different materials.


It is a quite friendly type of material. It is usually the most used in bakeries or pastry shops. Cardboard has the advantage that it is very easy to work with. So designs and prints are easy to make.

Companies that manufacture individual cupcake boxes usually offer them unassembled. Often due to space and storage issues. Cardboard is easy to handle. Therefore, the assembly of the box is done quickly since, in addition, the necessary doubles for the assembly procedure are usually marked.


Plastic boxes have many advantages. To begin with, they are usually transparent. In this way it is possible to appreciate the shape and design of the cupcake even when it is in its package.

Also, it is usually a slightly more resistant material. It can be used to prevent the cupcake from spilling out and staining other objects. Plastic cupcake boxes are usually preferred for displaying the dessert design.

For children’s parties, these types of containers can be used to award cupcakes as prizes or giveaways. If you want the cupcake design to be visible at all times, a plastic box is a very good choice. 

Safeguard the products

In addition to the presentation, the safekeeping of gastronomic products is very important. Those who receive a cupcake as a gift, for example, will appreciate its condition. 

Individual cupcake boxes are an efficient sanitary measure. Businesses and companies that have this element are often better perceived by customers’ impressions.

Looking for individual cupcake boxes? At Bestpackaging100 we can help you

At Bestpackaging100 we have everything you could need when it comes to designing and manufacturing individual cupcake boxes. Find out why you should buy your cupcake boxes from us.


We have a wide range of designs. But we offer something more. Customize your cupcake boxes according to your preferences. Include phrases, logos or a special and distinctive engraving.

You have the opportunity to choose between different sizes and styles. If you want it for your needs you only have to provide some basic information. As are the measures in which you want the packaging. 

We respect environmental laws

We are characterized by our respect for the environment. Mainly, the boxes are made with paper or cardboard material. A material that offers the possibility of recycling or disposing it at once.

In addition, we operate under the Forest Stewardship Council. So we obtain the materials for the manufacture of boxes in a responsible manner. All this without affecting the quality of the product.

So, as a customer you can be confident that apart from enjoying a high quality product, you are also contributing to environmental sustainability. 

Our experience

We have years in the market. That’s why we know what we do. Experience is what has allowed us to choose environmentally friendly products without lowering the quality standard of our packages.

Hundreds of customers have trusted us for the elaboration of cupcake boxes, as well as for other types of desserts. These people certify the quality of our work.

Affordable prices

Surely you think, how much can this job cost? Relax, stop worrying. Pricing standards are set to be affordable for those who wish to purchase dessert boxes.

Customer Service

As if that were not enough, we have customer service. In the portal you can ask your questions and clarify them with our virtual assistant.  In case of deeper doubts, you have the possibility to contact our staff directly.

You can do it by e-mail or, if you prefer, by phone call. We will be able to inform you about any of our offers in the production of boxes and packages.

Looking for individual cupcake boxes? Take a look through our portal and appreciate the offer available in this area. At Bestpackaging100 we are happy to assist you in a personalized way. Contact us and solve your doubts.

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