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Since guys like playing and doing activities that include action, action figure toys are popular among them. All of the attributes of the action figures themselves were taken into account while designing the bespoke blank action figure blister packaging. When designing the package for your figurine, it’s important to keep the toy inside in mind. Because of the importance of capturing boys’ interest with eye-catching design, custom action figure packaging design is a key factor in the success of the action toy industry. Due to the high cost and fragility of plush toys, their packaging must be strong and well-constructed.

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What is Clamshell Packaging:

The clamshell is a kind of carded packing. Typically, the packaging box manufacturing process for these boxes is different. However, they may also be packaging manufacturing processes from styrofoam, paperboard, board, and recyclable materials. They consist of two “shells” that are mechanically and aesthetically similar. The shells are joined together on one edge and have hooks on the opposite side. Thanks to the tabs, you securely closed and store them away. You can open and shut them just like a real clamshell.

Reason to Prefer Clamshell Over Other Packaging Material:

Whenever we talk about clamshells, it brings a positive expression on our faces for a reason. It’s no surprise why one should pack their valuables in clamshell. To date, clamshell has been bringing positive reviews from customers all over the world.

Here is the list of advantages of clamshell packaging:

1. Enhances Bottom Line:

Every eCommerce platform pays high priority to reliable packaging to convert their visitors into loyal customers. as per a recent study, clamshell packaging has a history of eye-catching results and an increasing number of returning customers.

According to this release, it is clear that clamshell packaging offers four times better results than other packaging materials. Products with clamshell packaging were 40% easier to locate on store shelves than their non-clamshell equivalents. Sales were higher for clamshells, and people looked at them for almost seven times longer than they did with any other form of packaging.

In a retail environment where customers make snap judgments, having your goods stand out from the competition may make or break a transaction.

2. Fully Customizable:

Anyone looking for packaging material, pay high attention to its customizability. While it is important to meet the fundamental need of product security, ultimately, your packaging manufacturing company’s success will rely on your product’s marketability. The most effective method of doing this is via the use of eye-catching packaging.

The packaging of your goods is an opportunity to showcase its finest features. Perhaps you wish to show off all the product’s parts and extras, or maybe you want the consumer to be able to give it a try without even opening the box. Clamshell packaging’s customizable features make this a feasible choice.

For the greatest possible presentation of your product to prospective customers, consider investing in bespoke clamshell packaging built to fit the exact specifications of your goods. Thanks to clamshells’ adaptability, you may create packaging in whatever size or form you choose, with unobstructed views of the contents.

3. Protects Your Product:

Simply put, packaging serves o safeguard whatever it encloses. The versatility of clamshells makes them a great choice for delivering this kind of security for a wide variety of products.

A clamshell is a great alternative if you’re selling a delicate product you wish to protect throughout the supply chain, and it still allows customers to see what they’re buying. Use the clamshell box for electronics, mechanical consumables, skincare, and other delicate items that need added security.

How to open clamshell packaging without damaging it?

Ever felt “wrap fury,” the phrase used to express the annoyance many people feel when confronted with the difficult plastic wrapping of common household items?

If such is the case, know that you are not alone in your suffering. The good news is that you don’t have to go to extreme measures to get inside such packaging. Use these methods to open those supposedly indestructible plastic cases without slicing your fingers off:

1. Don’t buy anything in clamshell packaging.

Avoiding purchases of items in the dangerous and cumbersome “clamshell” packaging is the simplest and safest option for consumers.

For certain of its items, the internet commerce platform Amazon, in a bid to reduce wrap fury, provides an alternative called “Amazon Certified Frustration-Free Packaging.” It’s okay to recycle this container.

As a second best option, you might look for items that come in plastic packaging with a flip top or another method that makes it simple to access the contents. See whether there are any pull tabs or perforated lines that may let you open the toy packaging without resorting to a knife.

2. Make use of a can opener or tin snips

Avoiding hard plastic cases is preferable, but if you can’t you should be ready to fight it without being wounded. As an alternative to using a blade or scissors, tin snips or a can opener are safer and more effective tools.

Tin snips, if you have them, are the instrument to use. The sturdy plastic was no match for them.

Or, you may use a can opener by inserting the product’s bottom edge into the can opener and turning it until you reach the other end of the package, just like you would with a can. It’s possible that from that point on, you won’t need to do anything more to get the item out of the packaging.

If it doesn’t work, you may use a can opener on the leftover box edges. Alternatively, with the knife pointing away from you, slide a butcher’s knife into the half-open section of the clamshell and slide it down the other edges to remove the object.

Within minutes, you’ll have the product open and ready to use, complete with all printed materials and instructions.

3. Instead of fumbling about, use purpose-built equipment

There are a few solutions available for opening clamshell boxes less of a hassle or a potential safety hazard for those who are still wary of doing it on their own.

A zip package it’s the opener, for instance, that claims to work by sliding down the edge of the box. It appears like a can opener, but all you have to do is push a button to use it.

4. Prioritize safety

Wearing protective gloves is a must before attempting any technique of breaking through tough plastic packaging.

You should get out of the path of harm if somebody is near you. You shouldn’t use your legs as a stabilizer, and you shouldn’t keep the object there either.

In the event that you must resort to using a knife or other sharp instrument, always remind yourself to keep the blade pointed away from you. Make sure the scissors you use have round, rather than pointed, points.

How to open action figure packaging?

The majority of toy collectors may be broken down into two groups: openers or collectors of cards in pristine condition. Since I like playing with toys and switching up my presentation from time to time, I’ve always been one to do the opening.

 Only a select few products have remained unopened and “on card” in my collection since neither I nor anyone else in my household has felt the need to access their contents. 

At any rate, it’s not uncommon to remove an action figure from its blister and card for playtime, but rather to leave the blister and card together out of appreciation for the package’s design or in case you decide to put the toy back in its original packing later.

It’s likely that most people already know how to remove their toy from the blister pack and card without causing any damage, but just in case, here’s a brief lesson.

What you’ll need is:

  • Your new, in-box toy
  • Acetone
  • Squeeze balls (or cue tips)
  • Around 5 minutes

Acetone is a dangerous chemical, therefore use caution. Don’t put it anywhere near your nose or try to snort it. This is a horrible thing. It’s recommended to do this somewhere with plenty of windows and fresh air. I decided to perform this in the laundry room so that if any acetone were to leak, it wouldn’t create too much of a problem.

You should immediately apply the acetone to the backside of the card by dipping your pointer tip in it. Draw a line down the underside and edges of the space underneath the plastic blister.

Acetone shouldn’t be used on the skin below the blister’s surface. You may leave it stuck on the card. Repeat this process until the three sides of the blister are thoroughly soaked with the acetone. Make sure the acetone is penetrating the back of the card, to which the blister is adhered, by checking the card’s front. card. The blister must be removed from the card, and the adhesive must be adequately broken down by the acetone.

Just wait a few seconds and then attempt to peel the blister off the card carefully. It ought to start peeling off effortlessly. Additional acetone may be used if you’re still encountering resistance. The blister will eventually peel off, revealing an otherwise undamaged card. Take the toy away and start having some fun already!

In approximately twenty minutes, the acetone will have evaporated, and you’ll be able to see no sign of your effort.

When using this technique, it is recommended that you use cards with a matte back. To remove acetone from glossy cards, you may need more time and effort.

How do display action figures in the box?

There aren’t very many individuals who have mastered the art of action figure display. With so many choices, it might be difficult to choose which display method is best for your miniature collection. Maximizing available areas is essential for displaying a collection in a manner that permits a complete overview of the pieces. We’ve compiled five useful options for showcasing your action figures.

1. Glass Displays

Displaying items in glass cases is a time-tested practice. Among collectors, this kind of case is almost standard equipment. You may store all of your prized possessions in these durable boxes, which are simple to put together and even easier to keep clean. They are adaptable, allowing placement wherever you choose in your house.

2. Bookshelves

Bookcases are a good example of furniture items that may serve several purposes. You may convert your non-reader bookcases into a showcase for your action figure collection. Shelving your books is a simple technique to maintain order in your library. It will be simple to clean and access your treasures without having to reposition, unlock, or dismantle anything.

3. Equipment for Personal Computers

As a result, PC cases are a great way for gamers and other tech fans to combine their two passions. Using a computer as a repository is a novel approach that will pique the curiosity of anybody perusing your collection. Maintain a careful watch on the temperature and provide enough ventilation for your PC enclosure to avoid damaging your costly figures while creating a visually appealing display.

4. Shelves That Don’t Anchor To The Wall

Floating shelves may be the best option for you if you’re seeking a functional method to show off your action figures. Wall-mounted or floating shelves, whichever you like, are ideal because of their versatility.

Almost any surface may serve as a home for them, and they can store both whole and incomplete action figures. Floating shelves are a great way to show off your collection without having to worry about damaging fragile items.

5. Armoire-style Wall Mounted Exhibit Case

If you think bookshelves and floating shelves don’t offer proper protection for your figurines, a wall-mounted display cabinet could be the way to go. This twist on the conventional glass jar will protect your figurines from the weather and keep them in pristine condition for longer. This method might become pricey, but it’s well worth it if you care about the quality of your collection.

Showing off your figurines should be done in a manner that is most comfortable for everyone; there is no one correct way to do it.

How to ship action figures:

Keeps these points in mind before shipping action figures:

1. Find a Suitable Box:

Locate a container that can house the action figure (either unpackaged or in its original packing). If the space isn’t big enough, you risk harming the packaging while attempting to fit the figurine inside.

 It’s important to bear in mind that the customer you’re sending this figure to is probably an enthusiast who wants to retain the item in its excellent shape. They will not be happy if the packaging of the figure was damaged while you were attempting to make it fit.

It’s also not optimal to utilize overly big containers since you’ll need more packaging to fill them up. That is especially true if you do not desire the thing to move about too much.

2. Repack your items in brand new corrugated boxes.

If you’re mailing a collection of action figures, don’t use a regular envelope. The figure itself is probably OK to ship, but don’t forget that the box it came in is just as important as the figure itself. Deliver it in a box to maintain its perfect condition throughout transit.

Do not use any old boxes either. Boxes that are too old may contain water damage or other hidden defects that make them unsafe to use. The box your action figures came in may become crumpled, dented, or smell musty.

A good option is to use brand-new cartons. Your clients will be thrilled with how sturdy and stylish they are. Due to the wide variety of action figures on the market and the necessity to cater to their varying sizes, shapes, and packaging preferences, it is important to carefully consider your options. Comfortable neither too snug nor too loose.

If you’re planning on sending action figures of varied sizes, you may want to investigate our multi-depth boxes. You can reduce the cost of packing while giving your figures more room to move about.

3. Seal the Boxes of Action Figures

Make sure your action figure is well-protected by using a sufficient amount of bubble wrap to prevent it from becoming a flattened mess in transit. When folding and wrapping the bubble, be mindful of safeguarding the bubble’s edges and other weak spots. Wrap according to your best judgment; neither too tight nor too loose. Don’t forget to tape the bubble cushion while you’re putting it together. 

4. Don’t leave the corrugated box empty.

Use more bubble padding or void fill to create a snug, secure environment inside your shipping box for your action figures. Do not forget to conceal them with more void fill and to execute a fast and light shake take to ensure that the action figures remain still. Excellent work!

5. Put a tight lid on it

Packing tape should be loaded into a tape machine, and box sealing should begin immediately. Seal the folds and tape over the opening. Your box’s size will determine whether or not you need a second piece of security.

Action figures that may be exposed to the elements while shipment should be packaged using the “H” tape technique, in which the space between the top flaps is sealed together with the gaps on either side. That’s a kind gesture that’s always welcomed and never wasted.

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