How much does phone case packaging cost?

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Materials Used For Phone Cases Packaging

There are mainly two kinds of popular packaging box materials in the market, one is plastic type and the other is paper type. And the material of the mobile phone case packaging box is no exception~

4 kinds material plastic box packaging for mobile phone case

The plastic materials of mobile phone shell packaging boxes are mainly divided into 4 kinds, they are PVC plastic, PET plastic, PP plastic, PS plastic。

The following are pictures of the packaging boxes corresponding to these 4 materials for your reference.

PVC plastic box packaging :

PET plastic box packaging :

PP plastic box packaging :

PS plastic box packaging :

4 kinds paper box packaging for cell phone case

The carton material of the mobile phone case packaging box can also be divided into 4 categories, they are Single Side Coated Paper, double copper paper, kraft paper, and cardboard .

So what do they look like? The following are their respective pictures for you to clearly distinguish.

Single side coated paper box packaging :

Double copper paper box packaging:

Kraft paper box packaging:

Cardboard box packaging :

Production craft for phone case packaging

In the boxes of all the above materials, all the following finishing processes can be used on them, ordinary 4-color printing, spot color printing, UV gross coating, laser embossing, gold stamping, silver stamping, etc.

If you are not sure about these processes, don’t worry, we will show them exactly here.

Price comparison between plastic box with paper box for phone case

Since there are so many different materials for mobile phone case packaging boxes with so many crafts,what is the difference between their prices?

With our more than 10 years of rich sales experience,then we will compare their prices from two perspectives, one is horizontal comparison, the other is vertical comparison,which is a more detailed comparison~

Horizontal price comparison

Firstly,it is horizontal comparison in their prices.

Generally speaking, on the basis of the same size, quantity and craftsmanship of the packaging boxes, their prices will be arranged in the following order:

Paper phone case packaging (Except cardboard phone case packaging) < Plastic box packaging

Why is it excepted cardboard phone case packaging,because packaging box of this material is often a high-end material, the price of the material itself is relatively high, and the later production costs are usually manual, so the price of this type of box is generally higher than others, no matter it is a paper box or a  plastic box

Vertical price comparison

Secondly,let us see their prices difference in vertical comparison.

Plastic box packaging :  (The price is arranged from high to low)

PS plastic phone case packaging >PP plastic phone case packaging > PVC plastic phone case packaging > PET plastic phone case packaging

Paper box packaging : (The price is arranged from high to low)

Cardbboard paper phone case packaging>Kraft paper phone case packaging>double copper paper phone case packaging>Single Side Coated Paper phone case packaging.

After the above comparisons, we hope you have a general understanding of the prices of different materials for mobile phone case packaging. If you want to know the exact price, please feel free to send us your detailed box requirements: box material , box size, box quantity, box craftsmanship,etc,and then we are much willing to check and calculate the exact cost for you.


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