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Design breathtaking paperboard carton boxes, limitless in creativity, to deliver extraordinary unboxing experiences for your customers.

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Choose from our library of custom folding boxes curated from popular demand.


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Fully customizable

Customize your carton packaging by choosing the style, size, finishes, and add ons, down to the minute detail.

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BestPackaging100 offers full project support, providing expert design and logistics advice to maximize your ROI.

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Access sustainable solutions to minimize your carbon footprint and advance your brand’s green mission.

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Every order with BestPackaging100 is backed by our quality guarantee of delivering the highest level of service and product quality.

UV Coating

Fast-drying coating cured with ultraviolet light. Available in gloss or matte finish.

Aqueous Coating

Clear, fast-drying, water-based, and eco-friendly coating. Available in gloss or matte finish.

Spot Gloss UV

UV coating that is applied to a specified area and cured using ultraviolet light.

Anti-scratch Lamination

Laminated BOPP film that is scratch, scuff, and fingerprint resistant. Cost-effective option.

Soft Touch / Silk Lamination

Soft to the touch lamination similar to peach skin. Available in a satin or matte finish.

Soft Touch Coating

Soft to the touch coating that creates a velvety texture for a more tactile appeal.


Clear coating applied using the CMYK printing method. Available in gloss, satin, or matte.


Laminated protective film that adheres to the surface of packaging materials to maximize durability.

Offset Print

High-quality printing method that utilizes a printing plate and rubber blanket to transfer designs on paper. Best for large runs.

Digital Print

Digital printing method that requires no printing plate. Designs are transferred electronically, making it cost-effective for small runs.

UV Print

Fast-drying printing method using ultraviolet lights to cure inks which results in a gloss finish.

Water-based Ink

Comprised of water and pigment that provides high-quality color output and is 100% eco friendly.

Soy / Vegetable Ink

100% eco friendly and comprised of soy/vegetable oil and pigment to provide a vibrant color output.

Oil Base Ink

Non-eco-friendly ink comprised of oil and pigment that provides high-quality color output.


Pure color based on specific ink formulas to consistenly and precisely print color.

Pantone Metallic

Metallic color based on specific ink formulas to consistenly and precisely print color.


Premium-grade bleached white paperboard coated on one side for high-quality printing and finishes.


Duplex paperboard made from 90% recycled paper pulp with a white surface for high-quality printing.

Fully Recycled CCNB

Duplex paperboard coated on one side and made from 90% recycled paper pulp.

Natural Brown Kraft

Kraft paper made from a mix of virgin and recycled paper pulp, coated on both sides for printing.

White Kraft

Bleached kraft paper made from a mix of virgin and recycled pulp with coating on both sides for printing.

Black Kraft

Black dyed kraft paper made from a mix of virgin and recycled pulp, coated on both sides for printing.

Uncoated Unbleached Kraft

Unbleached kraft paper with no coating. Made from a mixture of virgin and recycled paper pulp.

Clay-coated Kraft Back

Kraft paper with a coated bleached topside for high-quality print and unbleached bottom side.

Clay Natural Kraft

Kraft paper with an uncoated bleached topside and unbleached bottom side.


Specialty paper material featuring a glossy or matte metallic laminated surface.


Specialty paper material featuring a glossy or matte holographic laminated surface.


Premium-grade textured paper stock primarily used for wrapping rigid boxes.

Cold Foil Printing

Form of relief printing in which foil is transferred to a surface by pressing onto UV curable adhesives.

Hot Foil Stamping

Form of relief printing in which foil is transferred to a surface at high temperatures.

Blind Debossing

Form of relief printing in which dies is pressed on the front of the material to form a raised motif.

Blind Embossing

Form of relief printing in which dies is pressed on the back of the material to form a raised motif.

Registered Embossing

Form of relief printing in which a die is pressed on the back of the material to form a raised motif.

Combination Embossing

Combination between embossing and foil stamping. It creates a 3D motif that features a foil finish.

Window Patching

Die-cut shape is layered with plastic film to feature a window showcasing the product inside.


Measurement for the density of the paper stock.


Measurement for the thickness of the paper stock.


Fiberboard arches sandwiched between two linerboards.

Not seeing the option you’re looking for?     Have our sourcing experts assist you!


End-to-end solution to carton packaging

Elevate your paperboard packaging concepts from conception to realization with our comprehensive end-to-end solution, ensuring a seamless journey from ideation to final product.

More informed decisions

Receive direct and informed answers and solutions to enhance the quality of your decision-making process for packaging. Never guess around with your packaging choices with our help!

Streamline process

Streamline your packaging process by working with only one packaging specialist to meet all your packaging requirements. From consultation to shipping, we have you covered to save time.

Cost effective

Leverage our cost effective solutions as well as our manufacturing and shipping partners to get the best return on investment. Save lots of time and cost by getting the best planned shipping plans.

Sustainably sourced and made

Does your brand have a green objective to meet? Opt for sustainably sourced and made carton packaging to meet your green needs.

  • FSC® & SFI® Certified
  • Paper, plant and waste based alternatives
  • 100% recyclable and compostable
  • Carbon footprint reduction

Reliable folding carton manufacturer

Entrust your carton packaging and cardboard box needs to the premier folding carton manufacturer for unmatched reliability. Our years of excellence guarantee expert support from start to finish. Benefit from our comprehensive packaging consultations, meticulous design, and seamless logistics, with our team’s around-the-clock dedication to precision and efficiency.


cost & time saved

Get industry leading solutions to keep your time and costs low and ROI high.


More sustainable

Result in a more eco-friendly packaging with solutions that reduce material use and waste.


Increase in sales

Develop industry leading designs to capture more sales in retail shelves or online.


More reliable

Reduce headaches by going through MailerBoxFacotry’s quality service and product guarantee.

Frequently asked questions

Paperboard (also known as folding cartons) is an excellent cost-effective, and consumer-friendly option for packaging various products. Folding carton boxes are flexible and compatible with many printing options and new processes. At MailerBoxFacotry, we can provide several customizable paperboard box materials such as white paperboard, kraft, food-grade, CCNB, and SBS paperboard.

Folding carton packaging is a versatile solution that offers an optimal surface for high-quality printing and is susceptible to a wide variety of special finishes compared to its corrugated counterpart.

Commonly used across the entire retail market, folding cartons are among the most popular packaging solutions due to their affordability and capability to be highly customizable.

We carry a wide range of folding carton packaging styles to choose from. Some of our most popular options include:

  • Straight Tuck End
  • Reverse Tuck End
  • Auto Bottom
  • And many more…

However, if you are not seeing a particular style that fits your needs, our structural engineering team can custom design a structure based on your needs. Contact us here to get started.

Absolutely! All paperboards can be recycled; however, this may change based on the coatings and inks you add to your packaging.
As a general tip, if you are looking to be more sustainable and avoid any possibility that your packaging is not fully recyclable, we recommend going with Kraft Paperboard printed with vegetable inks. This ensures that your paperboard packaging is not only recyclable but also safely biodegradable!

It’s essential! Folding carton has one of the largest collections of options for paper, making it highly customizable. In addition, there are plenty of different paperboard types with unique characteristics, textures, and thicknesses available to craft a unique box.
If you are having trouble or looking for a specific paperboard, our product specialists and sourcing team will be able to help you decide or find the specific paperboard you need. Contact us here.

Varnish, Aqueous (AQ) coatings are most popular for folding carton packaging. AQ coating is a water-based coating that is fast drying and eco-friendly. On the other hand, Varnish is not eco-friendly but provides an optimal moisture barrier to protect your products and artwork designs. Both AQ coatings and Varnishes allow for either a matte or glossy finish.

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