Custom corrugated boxes

Ensure your products arrive in style with our custom shipping packaging and sturdy corrugated boxes, designed for confidence and flair.

Find your perfect corrugated style

Choose from our selection of custom cardboard boxes, fully customizable for your brand.

Upgrade your custom printed shipping boxes

Keep it simple with premium materials or embellish with special finishes for a personalized touch.

UV Coating

Fast-drying coating cured with ultraviolet light. Available in gloss or matte finish.

Aqueous Coating

Clear, fast-drying, water-based, and eco-friendly coating. Available in gloss or matte finish.

Spot Gloss UV

UV coating that is applied to a specified area and cured using ultraviolet light.

Anti-scratch Lamination

Laminated BOPP film that is scratch, scuff, and fingerprint resistant. Cost-effective option.

Soft Touch / Silk Lamination

Soft to the touch lamination similar to peach skin. Available in a satin or matte finish.

Soft Touch Coating

Soft to the touch coating that creates a velvety texture for a more tactile appeal.


Clear coating applied using the CMYK printing method. Available in gloss, satin, or matte.


Laminated protective film that adheres to the surface of packaging materials to maximize durability.

Offset Print

High-quality printing method that utilizes a printing plate and rubber blanket to transfer designs on paper. Best for large runs.

Digital Print

Digital printing method that requires no printing plate. Designs are transferred electronically, making it cost-effective for small runs.

UV Print

Fast-drying printing method using ultraviolet lights to cure inks which results in a gloss finish.

Water-based Ink

Comprised of water and pigment that provides high-quality color output and is 100% eco friendly.

Soy / Vegetable Ink

100% eco friendly and comprised of soy/vegetable oil and pigment to provide a vibrant color output.

Oil Base Ink

Non-eco-friendly ink comprised of oil and pigment that provides high-quality color output.


Pure color based on specific ink formulas to consistenly and precisely print color.

Pantone Metallic

Metallic color based on specific ink formulas to consistenly and precisely print color.

Natural Kraft Board

Uncoated and unbleached kraft linerboard made from a mixture of virgin and recycled paper pulp.

Oyster White Board

Coated, textured linerboard featuring an off-white surface for high-quality printing.

Kemi White Board

Coated, semi-gloss linerboard that features a brilliant white and smooth surface for high-quality printing.

Bleached White Board

Bleached white board with a brilliant white finish for high-quality vibrant printing.

Cold Foil Printing

Form of relief printing in which foil is transferred to a surface by pressing onto UV curable adhesives.

Hot Foil Stamping

Form of relief printing in which foil is transferred to a surface at high temperatures.

Blind Debossing

Form of relief printing in which dies is pressed on the front of the material to form a raised motif.

Blind Embossing

Form of relief printing in which dies is pressed on the back of the material to form a raised motif.

Registered Embossing

Form of relief printing in which a die is pressed on the back of the material to form a raised motif.

Combination Embossing

Combination between embossing and foil stamping. It creates a 3D motif that features a foil finish.

Window Patching

Die-cut shape is layered with plastic film to feature a window showcasing the product inside.

Not seeing the option you’re looking for?     Have our sourcing experts assist you!

Simultaneously beautify and protect your products

Get the best of both worlds when ordering mailer boxes by choosing only premium materials and special finishes.

Add extra security with engineered inserts

Shipping delicate products? Reduce return costs with custom-engineered inserts tailored to your product’s contours. Add these to your corrugated shipping boxes to ensure your items remain securely in place en route.

Opt for eco-friendly shipping alternatives

Seeking to minimize your brand’s carbon footprint and enhance your sustainability? Explore our vast selection of eco-friendly materials and options that align with your environmental ethos. Our products are fully recyclable and biodegradable, supporting recyclability and reducing environmental impact.

Service support where you need it

Get service support at any point of your packaging journey to guarantee total packaging success.


Unlock the perfect package with our packaging experts! Get guidance on every step of your journey and make sure you get just what you need.


Looking to launch a stunning new design or take an existing one up a notch? Our team of pros can elevate your artwork and structural designs to extraordinary levels.


Worried about your packaging prototype? Check out our range of flexible options to try before committing to mass production. Try it risk-free and save yourself time.


Let our experts manage your production journey from start to finish – they’ll source the best materials and guarantee impeccable quality — a hassle free experience.


Rest easy knowing that our expert logistics team has you covered when it comes to shipping. Get organized and save more with custom plans tailored for your needs!


Discover the power of our optimization strategies, which can help you lower your time and cost spent on packaging while also improving sustainability!

Frequently asked questions

The main difference lies in the construction of the material. Cardboard is made from thick stock paper and is commonly used to create packaging for smaller and lighter weight retail products. Corrugated packaging materials on the other hand are more durable and are made from 3 layers of paperboard, 1 layer of corrugated paper sandwiched between two liner boards. Corrugated packaging is most popular for shipping thanks to its sturdy and durable construction.

Our MOQ for corrugated packaging currently stands at 500 units. To ensure you are getting the most out of your packaging supply, we recommend placing large orders to keep your cost per unit as low as possible!

We carry a wide range of corrugated packaging styles to choose from. Some of our most popular options include:

  • Mailer boxes
  • Regular slotted boxes
  • Tab lock roll end boxes
  • Carrier boxes

However, if you don’t see a specific style that fits your needs, our structural engineering team can tailor the design of the structure to your needs. Contact us

Absolutely! All corrugated packaging can be recycled and is made from recycled material; however, this may change based on the coatings and inks you add to your packaging.
As a general tip, if you are looking to be more sustainable and avoid any possibility that your packaging is not fully recyclable, we recommend going with vegetable inks for printing. This ensures that your corrugated packaging is not only recyclable but also safely biodegradable!

Our average turnaround time for custom printed corrugated packaging is 15 – 20 business days. However, things may vary depending on the complexity of your packaging project. Make sure to check in with a dedicated product specialists for more tailored time estimates.

Kraft corrugated boxes are sturdy and food safe, so no varnish or coating is required.

However, corrugated packaging can still cosmetically benefit from coatings to enhance artwork designs. Varnish and Aqueous (AQ) coatings are most popular for corrugated packaging.

AQ coating is a water-based coating that is fast drying and eco-friendly. On the other hand, Varnish is not eco-friendly but provides an optimal moisture barrier to protect your products and artwork designs. Both AQ coatings and Varnishes allow for either a matte or glossy finish.

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