Ship in style with custom mailing bags

Enhance your shipping appeal and differentiate your parcels with our custom-branded mailer bags for a memorable unboxing experience.

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Browse our shipping bag selection and create your very own custom shipping experience.

Paper Shipping Mailer Bags

Go premium with paper shipping mailers! Our paper mailers are fully customizable with any option to allow you to create a premium shipping experience.

Poly Shipping Mailer Bags

Ship your soft goods and delicates with confidence! Our flexible poly mailers are fully water-resistant and tear-proof, leaving your products well-protected against all the elements!

Bubble Shipping Mailers

Protect and ship with confidence by protecting your delicate products during shipping with padded bubble shipping mailers.


Every tool you need for effortless custom mailers

Customize your mailers to perfection! With our committed packaging support, you’ll enhance your mailing and elevate your shipping experience. Make a lasting impression and distinguish yourself from the competition!

Customer-centric support

Collaborate one-on-one with dedicated packaging experts that provide outstanding unlimited support to your packaging project.

High-quality yet competitive

Who says it has to be expensive to be high-quality? Enjoy the perks of our proactive cost savings solutions to get affordable yet high-quality packaging!

Access to global supply chain

Gain access to our optimized global supply chain to source and ship any packaging from our certified facilities — all in one place.

Packaging with no limits

Have the freedom of creating anything you can imagine. Complex or simple, our packaging experts are able to help turn your idea to reality.







Natural Kraft

White Kraft

Gravure Print

Flex Print

Water-based Ink

Soy / Vegetable Ink

Oil Base Ink

Oil Base Ink


Pantone Metallic

Not seeing the options you are looking for? Contact our experts for sourcing help!

Unlimited customizable options

Personalize your packaging to perfection and realize your vision with our limitless custom options. Our expansive selection empowers you to craft a unique packaging solution that transforms your entire packaging experience.

Professional packaging services

Partner with BestPackaging100’s expert packaging design and engineering team to materialize your vision. Our professionals are committed to aligning with your brand and objectives, providing you with exceptional packaging support and advice to achieve your targeted outcomes. Consider us an integral part of your team!

Artwork Design

Improved Brand Impact

Our professional artwork designers take the time to understand your brand, competitors, and goals to deliver artwork that creatively presents your brand story.

Structural Engineering

Optimized Packaging

TTogether, our engineering experts will proactively optimize your existing structures to decrease material usage to lower costs and improve sustainability.


Be Reassured

Utilize our rapid sampling and prototyping service to order a range of prototypes from digital to production level samples. Leverage our flexible prototypes for testing, ensuring no mistakes, etc., before moving to mass production.

BestPackaging100 360° Approach™

Discover unparalleled packaging support with our 360° Approach™, the market leader for every phase of your custom packaging journey. Our premier, hassle-free platform ensures complete packaging success

Delivering total packaging success with real results

40% total costs saved

by optimizing structure and shipping routes

“Thanks to BestPackaging100’s proactive optimization on our existing packaging, we were able to save costs on material as well as optimize size for saving space on shipping for even lower shipping costs!”

Elaina Eckland

CEO & Founder of Quicklearn

60% total time saved

by fully managing the entire packaging supply chain

“With the help of BestPackaging100 running my entire packaging supply chain and helping me manage decisions, I was able save time and hassle to focus on my customers.”

Zareefa Arije
Founder of Ammu Beauty

Consistent results

on every order due to stringent quality control

“BestPackaging100’s team has been extremely communicative to ensure that my packaging is perfect by going through rigorous testing and quality control. The team is extremely reliable also!”

Brandy Corley
Founder of Belle Vie Candle

35% increase in sales

after going through artwork and structural re-design

“We decided to re-brand utilizing BestPackaging100’s designer and we don’t regret it! We’ve seen positive feedback from our customers and resulted in an increase to our sales!”

Curtis Lau
COO of Torch Sushi

30% reduced material

after going through structural engineering

“Not only does BestPackaging100 offer sustainable options, they helped us eliminate wasted material and effectively lowered our shipping frequency to reduce our carbon emissions!”

Matthew Prior
Founder of Tideline Coffee


Frequently asked questions

Below you’ll find answers to common questions around mailer bags; however, if you need additional help, don’t hesitate to contact us to see how we can help!

Our mailers go through stringent quality control to ensure strength, durability and versatility during shipping. The quality control tests conducted for mailer bags include:

  • Friction test
  • Peel test
  • Puncture test
  • Tensile test

Both paper and poly mailer bags can be printed on directly for optimal results. Printing options for mailers include:

  • Digital printing
  • Offset printing

For bulk orders we recommend choosing offset printing for paper mailers because it is:

  • Cost effective – the more you print, the lower the price per unit
  • Time efficient – offset printing can print large quantities at a faster rate
  • Quality – offset printing offers exceptional color fidelity that is easier to maintain

The average turnaround time for mailers is between 15-20 business days. However, this time may vary depending on:

  • Order Quantities
  • Shipping routes

Mailer bags can be eco friendly depending on the material you choose.
For example, paper mailers are eco-friendly thanks to their recyclability. However, poly mailers are made up of a plastic called polyethylene and are not the most environmentally friendly product.
Make sure to check in with your designated product specialist about eco friendly mailer bag options.

Paper mailers are a wonderful addition to any ecommerce business. Mailers are:

  • Cost effective – more affordable than corrugated or cardboard containers
  • Weather-proof – ideal for harsh shipping conditions
  • Space efficient – lightweight and flexible

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