Custom Mailer Boxes – Top 5 Qualities of Good Mailer Boxes

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Custom mailer boxes are an incredible way to dispatch different documents, products, and other things to a longer distance. They are durable and keep the products safe from damage. Many benefits are linked with these boxes that invite retailers and businesses to go for them.

Today the usage of these boxes is not only limited to the mailing purpose. They are lightweight, robust, and simple. These packaging items are highly reliable and long-lasting.

Mailer boxes represent the quality of your business. Therefore, you should choose them wisely. If you want to get high-quality mailer boxes, you should go with a professional company like BestPackaging100. You will get affordable, reliable, and appealing boxes to enhance your business.

In this article, we will talk about different types of mailer boxes and the different qualities you should consider before purchasing them. Let’s get started…

What Are Custom Mailer Boxes?

A mailer box is a packaging that is usually made of paperboard to store and dispatch different products. These boxes are extremely easy to assemble. You don’t need any adhesive tape to close or even assemble these boxes. They come with a flip lid that allows you to check what’s inside the box.

You can customize these boxes depending on your specific need. For example, if you want a mailer box for dispatching books, you may need a different design and material for the box than that of electronic items.

Mailer boxes can be made of Kraft paper, foam, polythene, corrugated fiberboard, etc. However, BP100 prefers Kraft paper and cardboard for the manufacturing of mailer boxes because they are recyclable and eco-friendly.

It’s extremely easy to get started with us. First of all, you need to provide a mailer box design if you have already had one. Otherwise, we will create a stunning design for you. Plus, you need to provide detailed instructions like box dimension (length x width x height), materials, etc. You can also provide some additional details like logo printing or printing the name of your company etc.

We can create and dispatch a sample piece for your contentment. If you are satisfied with the quality, we will complete your order and dispatch your packaging to your shipping address.

Corrugated Material customized for mailer boxes

There are C flute,B&E flute,B&C flute for customized corrugated material for mailer boxes .

Surface finish option

Mailer boxes finishing effect can be these options:

  • Debossing
  • Embossing
  • Foil stamping
  • Gloss Lamination
  • Matte Lamination
  • Soft Touch Lamination
  • Texture

Add-ons various choice for mailer boxes

If we want the mailer boxes to be fit our products or display our products, it is necessary to put some add-ons inside the boxes,such as:

  • Paper tray
  • Foam tray
  • Manual
  • Envelope
  • Paper card
  • etc

Pros and Cons of Custom Mailer Boxes Designed by BP100

Below are some pros and cons of custom mailer boxes:


·         Custom mailer boxes fulfill your all needs.

·         They are lightweight and easy to dispatch.

·         Affordable and reliable

·         You can choose your desired material for their manufacturing.


·         Limited box colors are available

5 Best Qualities of Mailer Boxes

The concept of online shopping is dramatically increasing worldwide. That’s why different packaging materials are highly in demand. If you are running a successful business, you will need high-quality custom mailer boxes to deliver your products to the customers’ given addresses.

Your customer might be from another country or continent. In this situation, using low-quality boxes can ruin the reputation of your company or brand. If your customers receive damaged items, do you think they will order again?

Below are some of the important characteristics of a good-quality mailer box. So you should consider these qualities before finalizing your deal.


Today, our world has become a global village. That’s why a customer can order something from even seven seas away. Therefore, the packaging should be sturdy enough to keep the products safe during the entire journey.

Today, almost everyone reads reviews online before placing an order online. Therefore, you shouldn’t compromise on the sturdiness of the packaging in order to protect the products inside it

In simple words, mailer boxes should be durable and reliable enough to endure all hits, jerks, and other types of beating. Lacking these qualities may badly impact the reputation of your business or brand.

Versatile Nature

Packaging must have a versatile nature for making the presence of your project strong. Some businesses ignore this aspect and face a huge loss. For instance, if a brand sells multiple products and uses separate packing for each item, it can be very confusing for customers.  Above all, it’s not a professional approach as well.

The best approach is to use versatile packaging that fits all your products at the same time. It is not only a professional approach but also saves your money. Because creating a different design for different products will cost more. Wondering who can design such versatile mailer boxes?

BestPackaging100 is the best company that can create such boxes for all types of businesses. Tell us your requirements, you will get stunning designs in no time.


Instead of going with the premade design, you should go with custom design options. Designing mailer boxes depending on your own needs is a wise approach. It doesn’t only help you to make your customers happy but also in terms of business.

When you go with custom options, you may need to pay some extra amount. However, custom mailer boxes look more presentable and attention-grabbing.

If you are looking for a professional company to customize your mailer boxes, BP100 is the finest option for you. Our professional team can grab what’s in your mind and create custom mailer boxes accordingly. We can customize size, color, design, and materials depending on your specific needs.

Ease in Packaging

Convenience in packing is another most important quality of the best packaging. If you need to hassle with setting up your mailer boxes, you’re making a big mistake. Because it will take more time for packing and can also lead to higher expenses.

For small businesses, this factor may not impact a lot. It might be true for all businesses at the start. However, you’d face serious problems in the future if you don’t go with easy-to-pack mailer boxes.

Ease of packaging will not only save your time but also save your money as well. Because you may need to hire fewer employees for an easy and quick packaging process.

BestPackaging100 considers all such factors seriously for the betterment of your businesses. I assure you that you will have an amazing experience with our mailer boxes for the dramatic growth of your business in no time.


Packaging is an excellent marketing tool that can play a key role in expanding your business if you utilize it wisely. All small and giant businesses spend a huge amount of their income on marketing purposes. However, many of them still don’t get their desired results.

Instead of spending a lavish amount on the advertisement, you should pay a little bit extra amount on boxes to make them more mesmerizing. It helps customers to memorize your logo or brand name easily.

BP100 pays special attention to making your packaging more presentable and appealing. It will not only attract buyers but also make the products more special.

Types of Custom Mailer Boxes

Different types of custom mailer boxes are available in the market. Each good needs a specific type of packaging for safe transit. Below are the three most popular types of mailer boxes:

Regular Mailer Boxes

Regular boxes are very simple and almost all courier services used these for transporting different products. These are made of corrugated fiberboard. You can use them for almost all types of products like documents, jeans, and decoration pieces. Further, this packaging is 100% safe to use. Therefore, you can consider it your number one choice.

Subscription Boxes

Subscription boxes are a specific type of mailer boxes that are used to send some particular products. This type is quite popular among different reputable brands. These boxes are more beautiful and attention-grabbing as compared to regular mailer boxes.

The brands such as cosmetic brands that offer many products prefer using these boxes due to their unique style. Subscription boxes are also popular among chocolate producers and cannabis sellers. If you are running such a business, you should go with this option.

Gift Packaging Boxes

A gift packaging box is another most popular packaging type. Because who doesn’t like presenting delicate and beautiful products to their beloved ones in the eye-catching gift boxes.

Gifts need some extra protection because they are directly linked with emotions. Imagine presenting a broken gift to someone your darling. Therefore, you should use a high-quality mailer for the safety of your beautiful present.

Gift packaging doesn’t necessarily require print. Because you can wrap the box with a paper that will entirely change the appearance of the gift. The main purpose of using a box is to protect the gift from damage.

Wrapping Up

Mailer boxes are highly in demand due to their massive use in the world of online business. The first thing you should consider when selecting a box is the material. The material should be eco-friendly and robust.

Usually, you will find these boxes in a rectangular shape. However, you can contact some professional companies like BestPackaging100 for creating custom mailer boxes according to your need. We offer monotone packaging to full-color printing to boost your business.

BP100 is a professional company with almost 10-year experience in this field. So we can design and create packaging according to your requirement. Let’s work together to reach a new horizon!

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