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Wholesale Custom Candle Wax Melt Containers Clamshell Box Packaging

Have you ever used wax melt paper packaging or have ever come across a container for wax melts? If yes then you must a lot of questions regarding these unique containers. On a side note, BestPackaging100 offers the best quality clamshell containers. You can check our website for further assistance.

In case you are unaware of the wax melt of these clamshell containers then you are in the right place. This guide is all about clamshell containers for wax melts. Today we will take you through every bit of these plastic packaging and will let you know how we design them at Bestpackaging100.

To put it simply, everything you need to know about these miniatures is mentioned and explained in the guide in detail. So what are you waiting for? Without further ado let’s get into it:

So, what exactly are clamshell containers for wax melts


To make wax melts, crystals, or tarts, you’ll need a clamshell container for wax melts, which is merely a box with a flame hole at the bottom. Containers for wax melts are often referred to as plastic wax melt moulds or clamshell tart boxes.

These transparent plastic containers are perfect for storing and displaying your homemade wax melts. The plastics PVC and PET used to package wax melts may be recycled.

No amount of perfume or colour will affect PET. Plus, the melting point of these substances is below 160 degrees. Strong snaps make it simple to open and seal these wax melts’ containers, without compromising their durability. They seal well, so your wax melts won’t become stale.

Wax melts containers may also hold tarts, candles, bath melts, soap, sugar, or any other sample-sized product. If you need help creating wax melts, we have some suggestions for you as well.

Bestpackaging100 already offers several form customization options for consumers. To improve the quality of your wax melts and draw more attention to your business, we can create custom wax melts boxes with your logo or other graphics imprinted on the lids.

This wax melts containers are rectangular and include many compartments. Bestpackaging100 is pleased to inform you that on our website you can find provide a wide variety of wax melt clamshell packaging wholesale. 

When shipping multiples of a large item, like wax, melts in 6-cavity containers, we pack them together. It’s a kind of plastic retail packaging that offers an excellent means of creating and presenting wax melts, and it’s available for wholesale purchase at any time with guaranteed next-day delivery.

Tips for Making Wax Melts

It’s simple to produce your own wax melts, which are wickless squares of wax and scent that melt in a wax warmer to scent the space. Practically any wax may be used, and then you can add things like essential oils, aroma oils, and fun embellishments to make unique candles. Because there is no risk of a fire from a candle or open flame, they are a popular option for adding fragrance to a space.

There is a wide variety of melts available, each with its own unique form, size, colour, and aroma. Wax melts are similar to candles in many ways, however, they lack a wick and are much smaller in stature.

Making wax melt at home is easier than candle making if you’re just starting out. Poor wicking poses safety risks and may even destroy the candle’s hot throw, making it the trickiest component of candle creation. Melts (often referred to as “tarts” by vendors) avoid this issue by melting the wax in a certain way.

The effectiveness of a melt may be affected by the temperature variation of hot plates, much to the variation of flames on wicks. The wax cubes inside of a wax melter are heated by a heating element and then melted on a hot plate.

Wax melts release their fragrance into the air for three to twelve hours before they evaporate. There are four rules of thumb to keep in mind while creating your own wax melts.

A melt has four distinct states:

  • Immediately poured into a mould
  • Liberated from the confines of the mould
  • Put into a heater
  • Taken off of the heat source

Having a greater melt point is also desirable but not necessarily necessary. The melting point of a wax determines how well it will hold up in warmer temperatures, such as those encountered during storage or transport, and waxes with lesser melt points may melt and become unusable. If you’re in the correct environment or don’t care about how they look before they melt, none of that matters.

The outcomes vary depending on the kind of warmer used. Even if you make the ideal wax melt, it won’t work as well in a warmer that’s too hot or too cold.

According to the hypothesis, the smell throw of a wax melt peaks somewhere within its optimal melt pool range of temperature. The wax, perfume oil, and other ingredients used to make a certain candle all have a role in making the final product smell unique.

The pace at which a wax melt’s aroma dissipates might vary based on the wax melter’s plate temperature. When the wax is heated to a temperature over its melting point, most of the notes vaporize before they can be carried by the wind. If it’s too chilly, nobody will want to do anything.

The same as Goldilocks, you want to choose a warmer that warms your wax melt in the just-right range for optimum aroma throw. Wax melts, thankfully, are flexible, so you shouldn’t have to exert too much effort to make them function.

Melts provide many customization options that candles don’t. Unfortunate as it may be, candles may only be used with certain scents and materials. Since most fires are started with an open flame and sustained by a wick, anything that won’t work in either of those conditions is out.

Colours made of tiny particles, such as those found in crayons or mica dust, may block the wick entirely, and it only takes a little bit to do so. Candles with blocked wicks will go out because they can’t get enough oxygen to the flame.

However, using the incorrect materials near an open flame greatly increases the risk of fire. In an effort to mask the unpleasant aroma of burning candles, some individuals add actual coffee beans and leaves to them. All you need to do is melt some wax to fix any of those issues.

Most of the forbidden elements, such as glitter or mica powder, are acceptable in a wax melt as it just needs to melt without a wick or open flame. Both provide a wealth of opportunity for individual expression when developing melts.

There is no restriction on form or hue.

The ability to customize the form and colour of a wax melt is another huge perk. Making candles might seem limited to some individuals since there are very few possible container sizes and shapes. Some creative candle forms exist, but they are either A) too ornamental to be effective or B) entirely unusable.

Though we’ll be using clamshell moulds for this project, you may use whatever mould you choose to make your own unique wax melts. Silicone moulds can be made to resemble almost anything, opening up a world of possibilities for designers. And it may be whatever form you want it to be, whether that’s a cylinder, a circle, a cube, a rectangle, a hexagon, etc.

The wax melt container has many other names: the clamshell tart packing, the plastic tart container, and the plastic wax melt mould.

Why do you use wax melt packaging cardboard?

If you’re looking for a creative and cost-effective way to package and display your wax melts, consider using wax melt containers. You may make and store your wax melts in a variety of attractive containers. In addition, the Large Wax Melt Clamshells design of the tart container makes it a breeze to open and close. Whenever you need a single tart cube, just split it off the box.

What can you do with a wax melt container after the wax has melted?

And since these containers come in so many different hues, you may perfectly complement your product’s packaging with them.

The plastic used for clamshell tart containers has several applications. Tarts, bath melts, candles, sugar, soap, or anything else you like to go within the container.

Tip for Picking the Best Wax Melt Clamshell Packaging Wholesale?

I’ve already explained that wax melts container is a special sort of container used to store melted wax until it hardens. Once cooled, the wax will assume the form of its mould, thus it’s important to pick a suitable container. If you’re in the market for a wax melts box, below are some things to keep in mind.

Containers for wax melts may be fashioned from many different materials, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. You should choose a wax melt mould automatic content on how well it performs and how much it costs.

Thermal efficiency and long-term usage are other important features to look for in a mould. The quality of the mould’s performance in this respect is directly related to the material from which it was fashioned. Again, choose your stuff carefully.

A simple operation and maintenance of mould are essential. The plastic wax that melts moulds is not only user-friendly but also simple to clean. Moreover, they may be recycled and reused.

Find wax melt bottles that stretch, since this is a very desired feature. These moulds eliminate the need for releasing agents and make it simple to remove wax melts, squares, and pies from the moulds.

Wax melts, doughnuts, and cubes will take on the dimensions and appearance of their respective moulds, so it’s important to choose the proper ones for your project.

What kind of plastic is used in the production of wax melt clamshell packaging recyclable?

Several different types of materials are used to create eco-friendly clamshell packaging for wax melts, each with its own set of advantages and benefits. This means that the moulds’ materials should be selected according to how well they perform in the desired setting.

Nonetheless, plastic wax melt moulds are constructed of PVC and PET, both of which are biodegradable and approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Because of their inertness to aroma and dyes, these two plastics are the go-to for wax melt plastic boxes. They’re cheap and appealing due to their high heat resistance.

Why wholesale clamshell packaging for wax is better?

To begin with, in contrast to other mould options, plastic wax melts jars are more affordable and convenient to use. Additionally, because no releasing agents are required, they provide more flexibility and adaptability in terms of material release.

Finally, the wax melt packing box alternatives provide superior safety and protection for the goods. Gift-giving or shelf attractiveness may be amplified by labelling the clamshell alternatives imaginatively. Ultimately, these wax melt moulds are simple to keep up and use again and again.

What goes into the production of wax melt gift packaging?

Here’s a step-by-step tutorial on making the greatest wax melts:

  • First, amass the materials you’ll need to complete the task at hand. Wax, scent, colour, mould, melting container, and paper towels are all necessary.
  • Secondly, prevent wax from spilling all over your workspace, chop the wax (if in blocks) into smaller pieces before melting 
  • Thirdly, take a double boiler, add your wax melt and let it stay to melt. Don’t have a boiler? Don’t worry you can’t do the process without it as well. all you need to do is Half-fill a little larger pan with water and use that instead. Put the pot on the stove and bring it to a boil. Carry on the process by putting the wax in a separate, narrower pan and immersing it in the larger pan of hot water.
  • The fourth step is to heat the wax to between 175 and 185 oz. In order to keep track of the temperature, you need to use a thermometer.
  • In the next step, after the mixture has reached the specified temperature, add the desired quantity of flavouring and colouring and give it a good swirl.
  • The sixth step is to have your mould ready and let the mixture heat up some more.
  • Seventh, when everything is done, take the liquid from the stove and carefully pour it into the moulds. This should be done with caution, since the wax is still warm and melting, and might cause burns or spillage.
  • Don’t forget that if you pour too rapidly, the wax will spill and make a mess. If you want your tarts to be extra substantial, fill the mould to the brim. Only fill the mould up to the halfway mark for thinner tarts.
  • The last step is to let everything come to room temperature and solidify before packing.

This puts an end to the discussion. Hopefully are reading these essential steps you get a better understanding of the production of wax melts

How does BestPackaging100 design wax melt boxes with inserts?

There are many quick-opening snap alternatives.

  • Sizes and forms might vary based on the needs of the task at hand.
  • Tightly enclosing wax melts for longer storage and improved freshness
  • Increase brand awareness with embossed company logos.
  • Inspiring visuals to improve product attractiveness
  • Display products with ease and efficiency with melt POP displays.
  • Optional use of many aesthetically pleasing hues

You may think up your own suggestions, or you can work with our engineers and planners to develop workable solutions. In any case, BestPackaging100 can handle it. We’ll take your clamshell tart package design and make it better than you could have imagined.

Things to Consider While Choosing Wax Melt Clamshell Packaging Wholesale

To recap, a wax melts box is just a container designed to hold cooled melted wax. Once cooled, the wax will assume the form of its mould, thus it’s important to pick a suitable wholesale clamshell packaging for wax.

If you’re in the market for a wax melt packaging box, there are some things to keep in mind.

  1. Wax melts containers may be crafted from a wide range of materials, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. For this reason, you ought to select a wax melt mould composition according to the cost and functionality requirements of your specific project.
  2. Thermal efficiency and long-term usage are other important features to look for in a mould. The quality of the mould’s performance in this respect is directly related to the substance from which it was fashioned. This reiterates the importance of selecting appropriate materials.
  • Ease of use and maintenance are two of the most important features to look for in a mould. Using a plastic wax that melts mould is a breeze, and they’re also simple to clean. Plus, you may recycle and reuse them.
  1. Obtain wax melt containers with appropriate stretchy characteristics for maximum adaptability. It is simpler and requires no discharging agent to remove wax melts, squares, or tarts from these moulds.
  2. Wax melts, tarts, and squares will take on the dimensions and appearance of their respective moulds, so it’s important to choose the proper ones for your project.

Tips for Safe Shipping of Wax Melt Packaging Bulk

Customers buy eco-friendly clamshell packaging for wax melts so that they can unwind and feel calm, therefore it only makes sense that you should do the same for yourself throughout the packing and shipping processes.

Even if essential oil diffusers are now all the rage, there’s still nothing like the calming glow of a beautifully scented single wax melt clamshell  But if you’re in the market of frequently packing and shipping wax melt packaging eco friendly as part of your online store, you understand there’s more to it than catches the eye. Candles, which are often packaged in glass or tin and composed of fragile wax, need special handling to ensure they reach clients in pristine shape.

Check out our expert advice for wrapping and shipping these very giftable wax melt clamshells, which you can use even if you’re an experienced online shopper.

1) Put Wax Melt Clamshell Packaging  on Pads

Wax melts often come in either glass or tin canisters. Even though the candle will be protected from the elements by these substances, additional padding is still recommended. To avoid damage to the candle during shipping, which may occur if the candle moved about too much in its box, use bubble wrap.

The delivery of unwrapped candles requires special attention. If you’re transporting candles, it’s a good idea to cover each wax melt in its own piece of bubble wrap to avoid them from merging into one another, and it’s also a good idea to wrap all of the candles together with some additional padding to ensure they don’t bump into one another.

2) Use Strong Containers

When shipping anything, but particularly wholesale clamshell packaging for wax, it is crucial to use the proper packaging. An extra-strong corrugated container is perfect if your candles are housed in glass containers.

Make sure your boxes are large enough to fit a layer of plastic wrap or wrapping paper between your items and the box walls—the United States Postal Service advises at least two inches of padding. It’s best to use a robust bubble wrapper for shipping smaller candles such as votives or loose tapers.

Utilize trustworthy shipping resources, such as “Fragile” labels, regardless of the sort of packing you choose to use. You should definitely put “Do Not Stack” on the outside of the box.

3) Keep an eye out for melting!

Shipping wax melt container is a risky business, especially if the weather is hot. Pillars and votives may melt or deform under extreme heat. But some online retailers may chill candles before sending them out, which may cause the wax to break during transit.

Alternatively, you may use freezing gel packs to send the candles. This will protect them from overheating, stop them from melting, and eliminate the need to freeze them.

4) Evaluate Distinct Transport Choices

Do not change your candles melting in transport; instead, invest in quick delivery. Fast shipping from these providers reduces the time your candles spend baking in the back of a vehicle or in a poorly ventilated sorting office.

If you provide clients with a tracking number, they can anticipate when their order will arrive and may avoid leaving their candles in the hot sun for long periods of time.

5) Focus on the Visual Appeal

Just as in any industry, how your products are presented is crucial to their success. When shipping candles, why use a generic box when you can add your own flair? Use pretty paper for your packing, and tie your candles up in fabric or string to give your clients a memorable experience that reinforces your brand.

How to clear used wax melts from a burner.

Everyone is curious about how to cleanly replace the old wax in a wax burner. You’ve come to the correct spot if you’re new to utilizing wax melts and wax warmers and don’t know how to clean them out properly. 


Methods used in the past

Used wax may be disposed of in two distinct ways: with hot water or with cold water Take two cotton balls to soak up the molten wax and then throw them away if your burner has been on and the wax has liquefied.

The warmers that don’t have a plug-in feature or a detachable cover benefit greatly from this strategy. Remove any remaining wax residue with a clean cloth once the cotton balls have soaked it up.

Whereas if wax has solidified from cooling, put the burner back on for a few minutes to soften it so it may be removed in one piece. The melt may be removed without breaking into pieces by warming the wax back up.

If that doesn’t work, you may always use a scraper to scrape the wax and then clean the burner with a clean towel.

Put your freezer to good use.

Although it may appear counterintuitive, one of the cleanest methods to remove old wax from a warmer is to place it in the fridge. Put your heater in the freezer for around ten to 20 minutes. In that time, the wax will solidify and compress, allowing you to easily remove it from the wax-melter. When that happens, just use a paper towel to clean the dish and you’re good to go.

Please don’t do it if you’re using glass plates; you’ll probably break them. Putting wax melts in the chiller makes swapping them out a breeze.

Use a Ribbon

Wax may be easily removed from a heat source without a liner by using a ribbon or a piece of yarn. Ribbons are preferable since they are broader and less prone to shatter the wax.





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