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Hello,friend,!. Follow is a funko pop protectors folding video for your checking advancely before its detailed folding steps writing one by one on follow .

This technique applies to all of your protector sizes. Enjoy!


Step 1: Tear off the PE protective film

Step 2: Automatic bottom folding ~ With your left hand pressed on the left and front of the protector box, with your right hand pressed on the right and back of the protector box, and then pushing the protectors box with a little pressure together by your two hands, then the bottom closure automatically formed.

Step 3: Left side flap folding ~With the fingers of your left hand, fold the left side flap back into the box

Step 4:  Right side flap folding ~With the fingers of your right hand, fold the left side flap back into the box

Step 5: Top Flap folding ~Fold the lid down along the creasing line, then fold the flap down with your left and right thumbs .Once the folding line is finished, make sure it is flat well enough ~and then you can move forward to next step smoothly.

Step 6: Closing flap folding –Use thumbs of your left and right hands to hold the two ends of the closing socket, then fold it into the protector box .

Step 7: Put your Pop figure inside the protector box and close it up~

Any questions,please contact me ,and i will try my best to help you!

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