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Cupcakes are a very delicious food item. That’s why they should reach the consumer’s hand safely. For this reason, bakers should pay some extra bucks to purchase high-quality boxes for the safe transportation of these food items. In simple words, boxes should not only be safe and eye-catching but also represent your business effectively.

Boxes might appear similar, however, they have huge differences in quality and the way they hold cupcakes’ weight. That’s why you must find out a reliable supplier for getting high-quality packaging. If you fail to choose the right company, you will waste your money by purchasing just garbage stuff.

In this guide, we will talk about how to choose the right wholesale cupcake box suppliers. Plus, we will also suggest to you the best wholesale cupcake box supplier for your ease. Let’s get started…

Wholesale Cupcake Boxes by BestPackaging100

Cupcake boxes are usually made of different materials like cardboard, Kraft, or polystyrene foam. However, BP100 uses eco-friendly materials like cardboard o Kraft for packaging materials. This material is easily recyclable and doesn’t pollute your environment.

These boxes are available in different sizes to hold the different numbers of cupcakes. They allow you to transport cupcakes without damage. We will make an eye-catching design for your packaging and engrave your logo on it with modern technology. Further, you can also provide your favorite design for packaging. Our professional team will use your design to manufacture the boxes.

We believe in quality and timely delivery. You won’t get such high-quality products at the lowest price anywhere else. We have no hidden charges. Even, you can get a good discount if you purchase wholesale cupcake boxes in bulk. Boxes are available for both personal and professional usage.

Pros and Cons of Wholesale Cupcake Boxes

Here are some remarkable benefits and drawbacks of the boxes as follows:


  • Supreme quality boxes at a reasonable price tag
  • A huge box variety is available
  • Turnaround is excellent
  • Get a good discount on bulk order
  • Highly professional team with over 10-year experience
  • Customer support is readily available
  • Provide a free sample for your contentment
  • Have your own production company


  • Packaging is available in limited colors.
  • The color combination of the website is not up to the mark.

Things to Consider for Choosing Right Wholesale Cupcake Boxes Suppliers

As we have already mentioned that boxes or other packaging materials are a great way of marketing. Going with the wrong supplier can ruin your business. Therefore, it’s crucial to choose the best cupcake wholesale dealers to take your business to the next level.

You will find plenty of different companies offering cupcake packaging services on the internet. All of them promise to provide high-quality products. But, how to choose the right company for you?

Below are some important tips that helps you to find the best cupcake boxes manufacturers and suppliers:

Look for Their Design Abilities

Almost all companies offer to customize your boxes based on your specific requirements. Designing is one of those key requirements. All companies want a unique, eye-catching, and effective design for their products.

You must consider the suppliers’ ability to design your product if they are offering designing services. For this purpose, you can visit their official site to check your portfolio. If you don’t find an About Us page or portfolio there, it’s a red flag for you.

Further, you can ask them for prototypes to ensure their box quality for more clarification. Similarly, give them detailed instructions and ask them to design a box.

BestPackaging100 is a robust company that has superb design capabilities. You can visit our official site to check hundreds of different boxes design. Above all, our expert team is highly capable to grab what is in your mind and turn that into a physical object.

Ask for A Free Sample

You can’t check the quality of the product just by looking at its images. Because images are only to showcase design. Then, how do check the quality of the product? Getting a free sample helps you to examine the quality.

BP100 feels proud to share a sample of our products for your contentment. We will get started when you are 100% satisfied with our packaging quality.

Go With Eco-Friendly Material

Packaging waste has become a serious concern for cupcake box manufacturing companies. Therefore, you must choose a company that uses eco-friendly materials for different packing products if you want a pollution-free world. Plus, you should also ensure that they recycle their waste material before using them again.

Many companies use different harmful materials like polystyrene foam. This material is not only inexpensive and popular but also affects our environment badly.

Contrary to this, you should choose a company that uses cardboard-like materials. Usage of eco-friendly materials by manufacturers indicates that they care about you and the environment as well.

BestPackaging100 use eco-friendly material like cardboard or Kraft to fight against disastrous environmental changes. This material is not only 100% safe and recyclable but also has no side effects. We use a material that is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.

Check Their Pricing Plan

Pricing is another most important factor that can’t be neglected. It’s good to shop around to find the most affordable deal for you. For wholesale packages, most suppliers offer a good discount as well.

BP100 is the best and cheapest wholesale cupcake supplier. Tell us your packaging requirements in detail for getting a quote. We will also give you a good discount if you place a bulk order. If you want something unique, you must mention that in your requirement for an accurate quote.

Customer Support

Customer support is the most important thing to consider before finalizing your deal with a company. If a company doesn’t listen to your queries or replies too late, will you go with such a company?

Most of the time, companies dispatch high-quality products without wear and tear, however, when you receive them they are damaged. In such a situation, you need a dealer who responds to you very quickly and solves your issues immediately. Therefore, you must consider the responsiveness of a company when searching for the best supplier.

Turnaround Time

Sometimes, you are working with short deadlines. In such situations, you need a wholesale dealer who has an excellent turnaround time. Otherwise, you may disappoint your customers by delivering their orders late and it can negatively impact your business as well.

BestPackaging100 delivers supplies as soon as possible. We are unforgettable about deadlines. Our expert team can produce thousands of boxes within a single day. That’s why you will get your products even before a specified time most of the time.

What Makes Us Stand Out Among All Cupcake Boxes Manufacturers?

All companies claim to provide the best of the best packaging to their customers. Instead of just claiming, we provide what we claim to provide. Below are some important factors that stand us out among all despite huge competition in the market:

  • Eco-friendly material
  • The attention-grabbing appearance of the products
  • Super-quality cupcake boxes
  • Huge customizable options
  • Budget-friendly approach
  • Highly creative and professional team

How to Get Started With Us?

It’s extremely easy to work with us. Follow the instructions below to get started:

Step 1: Provide Detailed Instructions

First and foremost, you need to provide detailed instructions like dimension (Length x width x height), quantity, design, etc. If you want us to design your box, we will design one for you. You can also provide us with any design if you have already made it. Based on your requirements, we will give you an accurate quotation.

Step 2: Finalizing Box Design

If you are okay with the price, we will start working on the design. After creating the first draft, we will send that to you for approval. If you want us to make any changes, instruct us. We will happily modify that and resend it to you again. We will keep repeating this process until you approve the design. Once you confirm the draft, it won’t be changed anymore.

Step 3: Complete Your Order

We will design some sample boxes based on your finalized draft upon your request. You can check the quality of the boxes for your satisfaction. If you are satisfied, we will finalize your order and send that to your shipping address.

Wrapping Up

After reading this guide, hopefully, you will be able to choose the right company for you. Many cupcake box manufacturing companies can create a huge hole in your wallet in the name of quality. Remember being expensive doesn’t always show the quality. You should try your best to go to a company that offers supreme quality products at a reasonable price.

We highly recommend you to go with BestPackaging100 for the wholesale cupcake boxes deal. Product quality is spectacular. The cost is reasonable. We keep improving our quality with the help of the prestigious feedback from our customers. If you have any queries, feel free to contact us. We are readily available to listen to you to happily resolve your queries.

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